More V-Day therapy...

If you're gonna be in NYC on February 9th, please stop by Tinsel Trading Company and take my next workshop from 12-3pm.  

We'll be making sweet glittered trinket boxes...and hand-punched & glittered gift tags, with tiny faux bumblebees.  
(see more pix in past posts) Suh-weeeeeeet!

Check out TT's site for class info and to sign up.  I personally guarantee you'll have a blast...and you'll learn everything you could possibly need to know about my favorite subject...glitter!
Glittery hugs comin' at 'ya!...
p.s. Check out my friend Terri's blog, Dimestoredaze, where she posts pix and info on all the wonderful TT workshops.  And her jewelry and altered art are fantastic!  (What a talent...)

V-Day Therapy...

Have been feeling the need to get covered in red glitter lately...Valentine's Day is just a couple of weeks away.  This big red heart ornament is especially useful in that it has interchangeable sayings that you can slip into the label holder. "bee mine" is my personal favorite because there's a sweet little glittered bumblebee hovering about, keeping watch.  "hold me", "kiss me", "you make life sweet" are some of the other sentiments I've stamped onto little bits of paper.  Of course, one could write one's own thoughts du jour...(Hummmm...that could be interesting... tee hee!)It all boils down to l-o-v-e, doesn't it?  Everybody wants it, everyone needs it...and it's free! (sort of...)  There definitely should be MORE of it floating around in this world, doncha think?

Throw around some red or pink glitter today and see what happens...
Love ya,
The Glitter Fairy


Meet my new helper, Teddy!

Teddy just has to be right smack in the middle of my workspace...when he's not sleeping, that is.......( that's his job the other 23 hours or so )  Notice how deftly he steps between the glittered letters...leaving only a trail of fur.  And he knocks only the most delicate items off the worktable with such finesse...

As a junior glitter fairy, his fine motor skills are not great... and he doesn't actually get much done...but he can sit and s-t-a-r-e  at me for hours on end!  (Notice the flat ears?  I think he needs a treat right about  now...)
 The good news is that I only have to pay him in kitty treats!
(Hey Teddy, can you run this box down to the P.O.?)


Incoming: A whole swarm of love heading your way!

Yes, it's already time to start thinking about V-day, although I'm more interested in the chocolate part!  (just kidding...well...sort of...)  

These bee-utiful hand-glittered tags are flying into NYC to be sold by Tinsel Trading Company and  at ABC Carpet and Home.  If you haven't had a chance to see those shops, ya just gotta get there. Quite an eyefull! 
Tie one of these bee-uties on a special gift, box-o-chocolate or bottle of bubbly.  Bee-utific!


No!!! I won't take it down...

I love how my front door looks with a fresh, simple wreath.  You can't see it but there's a nifty little dragonfly door knocker hiding under it.  

As far as I'm concerned, "The Holidays" last at least until...say...July or so.  Hey, there's V-Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day...a whole mess of holidays... so I'm going to celebrate them all with my wreath.  It's still got a lot of life in it and is way too beautiful for the compost pile just yet!  It came from my dear friend's Boy Scout Troop, and was so fresh and full...I feel kinda sorry for folks who feel compelled to take down the tree and other holiday decorations the day after Christmas.

I'm not gonna take my tree down, either,  uh uh, no way...

Woke up to this....

G0t a beautiful dusting last night...you know, the kind that hugs every last branch & twig.  

 H - E - A -  V -  E -  N  ! ! !


Trims, trims everywhere!

Pulled a few supplies together for our workshop...velvet leaves, flowers, scrap, silver dresdens...to embellish our heart trinket boxes at next month's class.  

It was such a blast to rummage thru my favorite treasure trove, AKA Tinsel Trading Company. BTY, our class will actually be held across the street at...The Store Across the Street (Yes, it's really called that, tee hee), which is full of ribbons, papers, Martha Stewart Crafts Line, and has lots of light and space.  TT X 2!!!  Can't wait for this class! 
I glittered the inside of this little box and even glittered the Dresden trim which I ran around the base.  (I know, I know...no surprise here!  You know I'm gonna glitter it!  
Even Dresden trims are not safe from The Glitter Fairy!) 
And, yes, I'll try to put together some kits for those of you who want them.  I've had some inquiries.  Let me know, OK?
I'm working like a maniac on some "bee mine" tags for some of my stores, two wire trees, complete with ornaments, for a client, and a bunch of V-Day whimsies!
Back to the glitter mines....


More sneaky peeks...

These tags are ready for their trip into NYC tomorrow, when I take them to their new home, Tinsel Trading Company, just in time for Valentine's Day.We'll be making these at my upcoming workshop.  I used one of my favorite Savvy Stamps for the great words, "bee mine".  I showed Martha how to make these on her show last February, but we'll be using silver glass glitter and red card stock, too. Oh, how I love bumblebees!

We're also making trinket/candy boxes.  I have glittered and papered these boxes inside and out and they are now ready for some fantastic TT trims. I love that part, the embellishing...Yes, I live for glitter, but rummaging thru TT's fantastic array of embellishments is more fun than...than...just about anything I can think of!  Don't know yet what I'll find, but I know it will be wonderful. I think a great big flower will look swell on top, and of course, I'll glitter it.  And I'll probably add a bumblebee on a wire on top, who will keep watch over the box's precious cargo.
If you'd like to do this yourself,  just sign up here for the workshop on Feb 9th.  I guarantee you'll have a glittery blast!



Forgot to show you these babies...

I was really into reindeer this past holiday season, and glittered quite a few for use as ornaments like these.  I covered them in vintage silver glass glitter, put some vintage style tinsel garland around their necks and strung 'em up on green silk ribbon.  Believe it or not, I got the statuettes in NY at a fancy schmancy store and paid waaaaaay too much for them, but I just loved their poses.  They seem to float thru the air! I forgot to post pix of them in December...oops!...Next year I will have small vintage hanging and standing reindeer which I will also glitter with silver glass.  I just love how they sparkle...and the old ones have such wonderful delicate shapes. Maybe if I start tomorrow, I'll have 'em ready by next Christmas!  Not!


Here's a sneeeeeeeeak peak....

Holy smokes, Valentine's Day is just around the corner!...gotta get crackin' on some V-Day stuff.  Here's a preview of the project I'll be teaching at Tinsel Trading Company in NY on February 9th. Note:  This is just the start...(I'll show its progress as I move along) ...I lined the inside of the heart-shaped box with decorative paper, added a pinked piece of cardstock at the base and on top and am now ready to embellish with glitter,  dresdens, faux flowers and who knows what else.  Tinsel Traders will have lots of wonderful enbellislhments, including millinery flowers & trims that they will put out for us to use. (Hope the weather cooperates! )  If you'd like to take this class, pop over to TT website and register.

There will also be a tiny little heart box inside the big box which we will decorate...perfect for a single piece of chocolate.  These boxes make great gift boxes, trinket boxes or a sneaky place to hide a handful of chocolates from the kids. (heh heh!)
We'll also be making an adorable "bee mine"gift tag, using a 3 dimensional faux bumblebee, just like the one I did on Martha last February.  I'll post pics of that later.
Hoping you all are keeping warm...
glittery hugs,


My son, the genius!!!! !!!

Had to share this little "aha!" moment with all of you.  A couple of days ago, a friend and I took our collective kids on a pilgrimage to IKEA, just to get out of the house before school started.  (We do this annually!)  We wended our way thru the store, examining all the colorful goods and all of a sudden, my son picked up this darling little tea ball thingie ( see the picture above...) and exclaimed,"Isn't this just great, Mom?"  Well, of course I thought it was a swell tea ball thingie---it has a small, round basket with a spring device that allows you to scoop up the loose tea leaves and steep them in your cup.  ( I have owned one in the past but these days can only manage to get a pre-made tea bag into my cup.)  

Well, I thought he was going to burst...he wasn't thinking tea at all...but rather, GLITTER!  My son imagined that I could use it to scoop up loose glitter and shake it over my fruits or other products that needed to be glittered, much the same way I use a regular strainer. (  I frequently use a small tea strainer when I want to control the amount of glitter applied, especially when I want just a light dusting---you just can't do that with a spoon. ) 
Well, I nearly split a gut when I realized where he was going with this.  He, my adorable little guy (well, he's about 5'10" now, but still my little guy...) just invented a brand new glitter application method!  Works like a charm!  You shake like crazy (think baby rattle) and the glitter sprinkles out so nicely...and lightly!  Any little bits of glue or other junk stay right inside the little basket...how cool is that???

You never know where a new idea will come from...I am even more pleased that he cared enough about my business of glittering to imagine how that little tea ball thingie could help his mom!  

Thanks to my little guy, my 2008 is already complete, and it's only day three!!!



I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Sorry I've been such a blogging deadbeat lately...can't wait to read what you've been up to!  As many of you know, Christmastime is our busiest season, selling at shows, stocking wholesale accounts and keeping all our clients happy.  To say that we've been busy is quite an understatement!  Perhaps the word "frenetic" might be a better description.  
The studio looks like a bomb hit it and it will take a week or two to dig out!  
Of course, family comes first and we had a glorious Christmas tree ( which we cut down ourselves), a  wonderful Christmas Day and New Year's eve. 
In retrospect, this has been an amazing year for The Glitter Fairy... the business has grown, had a blast on Martha's show three times,  started blogging (and met all you amazing new friends),  did some fun workshops, developed some new products,  started writing a book on glitter,  and got some great new wholesale accounts. 
I'm truly blessed... and thankful beyond words.  I am especially grateful to all you fellow bloggers.  This is such a welcoming and supportive community, full of talent, enthusiasm and love...can't wait to catch up with all of you!
Soooo looking forward to 2008.
Happy, Happy New Year to all!

GlitterTrees at Faye Kim Designs

Finally snapped a picture of the glitter trees I made for my dear friend, and amazing jewelry designer in Westport, CT, Faye Kim.  She asked me to make two for her front display window. I also made some glittered reindeer as well as ornaments for the trees.  I love how the halogen lights make them sparkle!

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and are ready for a fantastic 2008!!!!