Glittery Sea Star Wedding Favors

After the wedding, there wasn't a single one left...and I made way more stars than there were people! Guess they liked them!

And...here's how they looked on the table, although at the beginning of the meal, they were propped up against the wine glasses. Very pretty. This pix was taken after the first glass of wine! Oops! Just a BIT blurry!!! Honest, I didn't drink the wine!!! But I did partake in a teensy-weensy taste of champagne.....mmmmmmm!

( I'm a sucker for anything wrapped up in cello! )

By the way, these are real sea stars that I glitter in seasonal colors, set with an eye hook ( so you can also use as an ornament with the hand-forged hook ) and pop into cello with a custom banner. This banner said "Love Joy Peace".

I sell tons of them yearround, but these are my summer colors: lime green, pale blue and blue-white. I do have about a gazillion different colors...but used only three for this event. Her flowers were chartreuse and shades of white. Roses, peonies, hydrangia, stock, lime green frilly stuff...To DIE for.....

There were lots of little tufts of cello bags sticking out of ladies purses...Makes a girl...er...Glitter Fairy... proud!

p.s. Sea star ornaments also look swell on the Christmas tree or mantel, glittered in golds, bronzes or silvers. I also sell them at the Holidays. ( see my etsy store )

Ta ta for now...