Gone to the dogs...er...cats...

Had the most fun working last week 
on a simple project 
for NewsChannel 12's 
Pet Talk with Lauren Collier.  
The segment will be airing 
this weekend at multiple times.

Here is my sweet Teddy, 
modeling a glittery cheetah number!  
You really can't see the glitter much in this picture, but I highlighted 
each spot with a dash of chocolate 
brown glitter for a bit of sparkle.

As you can see, Teddy was not pleased.
(He doesn't wear clothes...)

Cleo was a bit more patient, 
but rather grumpy 
in her lovely pink camo bandana 
highlighted with 
a touch of pink glitter. 
(Cleo does grumpy soooo well.) 

And my dear BabyCat 
cooperated quite nicely 
with my photographic insanity.  
She is my supermodel...

(I may have to start paying her...)

Fortunately, I found some willing 
canine models, Lilly and Bonnie,
and their sweet mom, Pam.

Lilly and Pam are sporting 
the lovely "Mother & Daughter" 
glittered black & white 
zebra print, with just a touch 
of silver glitter.  
Pam cleverly twisted her bandana 
into a nifty headband.

Quite fetching don't ya think?

Of course, what Lilly really wanted 
to do was 
roll and roll and roll....

What fun we all had...

Try to catch the show this weekend.
News Channel 12
PetTalk with Lauren Collier



See my Sea-critters in their new home!

My new buddy, Kate Sargent
of Sassy Smox 
recently ordered some of 
my glittery sea critters 
and was kind enough to share this wonderful picture of how she used 
them on a wreath 
for her beach house. 
You can read her 4/21/10 blog post 
(FYI - Kate makes the most 
wonderful & sassy aprons.  
You MUST check out her 
blog and website!)

  The lobbies, crabs, 
seahorses and sand dollars 
were painted white, 
then covered in 
a sheer transparent glitter 
with a bit of a blue sheen.  
Don't they look great?  

Now I need to make a wreath 
full of glitter critters 
so I can feel like 
I'm at the beach, too!

All my glittery best,



A perfect Spring day in Central Park...

New York never ceases to amaze me, 
and Central Park was absolutely 
with color this week!

This tree was incredibly billowy 
and voluptuous.

The tulips were perfection...

This maple was positively glowing green.  
(I love it when the leaves are newborn..)

My favorite color...fuscia. 
Isn't nature amazing?

And isn't this combo of narcissus, red tulips and fern just delicious?

I've already made a whole bunch 
of these images 
into a new card line, 
Spring in Central Park Collection.

The crowning event was tonight, however, when my sweet hubby brought in 
the most intoxicating 
bunch of lilacs from the garden.  
I was/am completely knocked out!

Hope you have a chance to get outside in your own neighborhood and take in nature's gift.



Summer's almost here...

Time to start thinking about warm weather and beachy fun!

I shipped these glittered beauties out recently to their new homes. 

These white ones below without ribbons will be used on a boxwood wreath.  
I will post pics when I get some.

Lobsters, crabs, sea stars, sand dollars, seahorses...we've got 'em all.  

Hang at the beach house, 

or your own house to make it feel like a beach house...

or give one as a hostess gift when you visit someone else's beach house!

(Oooh...I can feel the sand under my toes already...)