That was then...

A couple of months ago I cleaned up my act a bit for a photo shoot...but it was only temporary...

This is now... I've been designing & glittering like crazy, attempting to get ready for my fall season of shows, as well as coming up with some new ideas, preparing for workshops and developing new products for my etsy store (not much time for that lately!) and making stuff for the wonderful retail stores that sell my glittergoods.

My worktable is a complete jumble,... a tangled hodge-podge of fruit, pliers, ribbons, held all together with hot glue threads! There are ribbon scraps, velvet leaves and of course, lots of glitter everywhere...(sigh)...pure heaven, if you ask me! I'll never win the award for tidy-ness, but I have a heck-of-a-time here in Glitterland! I do try to sweep up and put stuff away (sort of) whenever I have time but it seems I'm always under pressure to get something to somebody somewhere and I'd rather make stuff than clean!

Note: My motto is "A clean house is a sign of a wasted life." Another one of my favorites is "Housework is evil...it must be stopped!" There's no point in even trying to get all the glitter up anymore...however, I do try to not waste a flake cause it's expensive and I use aluminum pans to contain it but some always manages to escape, mostly on my face! But now that my studio is off the dining room table (where it lived for 6 years) and into my old kitchen at one end of the house, I can contain my glittery-ness better and there's not so much of it elsewhere.

Yesterday was "pear" day and I also worked on some veggie ideas. Just wish I had about a jillion more hours in the day so I can get everything done. Gotta go glitter something now...

With glittery love to all you fantastic blogging buddies,

(I really love reading your amazing blogs and learning about all of you and your projects...and I especially love your very kind comments.)


The Glitter Fairy