The Glitterfairy on Pet Talk!

Hey pet lovers,
I had the priviledge of being a guest on
CableVision Channel 12's Pet Talk show this past weekend...
and what a hoot it was,
(or should I say what a "barooooo" it was,
as there were at least three doggies waiting in the green room
to go on after me!)
I showed the adorable host, Lauren Collier,
how to make a sweet snowflake ornament
featuring a picture of one's own pet.
lent me a few of her amazing pet images
and we threw some glitter around
and had a blast!
The kittie on the left is my BabyCat when she was just a wee furball...

I'll post the clip when I get it...

Still glittering up a storm around here...
but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel...



T minus 1 and counting...

Yup, it's time for the fabulous SisBoom Holiday extravaganza!
Tomorrow, (or Friday or Saturday...) you must drop everything,
and get yourself over to Jennifer's amazing event
where you will be surrounded by beautiful colors,
( fabrics, trinkets, clothing, crafted whimsies, wreaths,
ornaments, frames, pillows )
and much, much , much, much, much more.
( I can't even begin to explain all the wonders you will find there...)

and of course you will be greeted by the one and only Jennifer,
whose kindness and warmth are legendary!

Do stop by and tell Jen the glitterfairy sent ya!



My tan might be fading...but the memories won't!

"My beach"

Vacation has come and gone already and I can't believe
it will be another year before we see these beautiful sights...

The beach is never a disappointment...
always gorgeous, peaceful and amazing!

And of course, our fantastic friends are the real reason
we go year after year....


By the way, MY TEAM won the beer pong championship!
(Woot woot!)
Must cobble up a glittered trophy cup for next summer!

Vacation = Absolute H-E-A-V-E-N !!!!!

(double sigh.....and back to "glitter-land" for me!)


What's the buzzzzzzz?

Recently I've named the studio 
"The Beehive GlitterGuild", 
because there are now many of us buzzing about 
throughout the day and night.

My sweet seeeeester has flown in to help.  
She is our official "ribbon lady" and ties all our bows.  
Not a job for the faint of heart!

I have been very blessed to have found a wonderful 
Assistant Glitter Fairy, Denise, 
...she glitters, assembles, organizes, tallies, packs, 
makes up invoices & charts, does QC checks 
and then re-checks everything! 
(all with a gorgeous smile on her face, I might add...) 
DeniseFairy is my "rock"!  
She is actually sprouting wings...

Here are a couple of amazing women who help me to glitter, 
our most FUN job around here.  
I am also blessed with several other wonderful women 
(and you know who you are!) who paint boxes, 
cut ribbon and help in any way they can 
to keep this glittermachine going!

What a TEAM!!!!!

There is no way on this green earth that this glitterfairy 
could handle all this solo...

Many thanks to all...

Tea Time...

We have been extraordinarily busy lately (thank you, GlitterGods!),
but every now and then it's important to take a break...
My sweet sister put together 
the most beautiful High Tea for us yesterday...
Still warm from the oven "Swedish Visiting Cake" filled the house and studio 
with the most delicious smells...vanilla, sugar & almonds!  
What a gift she gave to us!

Thank you seester!


It was P-E-R-F-E-C-T !!!!!!!!!

My weekend in Chicago
at the Country Living Magazine's Women's Entrepreneurial Event was

A M A Z I N G...

I met so many creative women that my head is still spinning.

We networked with women from all over the country,
each one with a great product & story,
and listened to highly successful women entrepreneurs tell their stories.
The speakers and other panelists, experts in PR, TV, and business, shared so much helpful information. It was truly inspirational.

And of course, the most fun for me was showing my glittery goodness to all.

The Country Living Magazine editors & judges
were incredibly charming, accessible and kind.

Now I KNOW why the magazine is soooo wonderful...

Chicago is positively gorgeous...wide, clean streets, flowers like you've never seen outside all buildings and stores,
those legendary, mind-boggling skyscrapers...

and the people are so darned friendly!
I cannot wait to go back...

Well...almost everything was perfect...

My suitcase looked like it tangled with a lawnmower!
(I think they must have used an entire roll of tape.)
The ornaments got a bit roughed up, but nothing was damaged.
The good news is that this happened on the way home! Whew!
Fortunately on the way OUT to the event, I had enough sense to hand carry my precious glitterbabies on the plane
so there was no chance of losing them.

I'll be savoring every moment of this wonderful event for a very long time...

Thank you Country Living Magazine!


Time to start thinking summer...

Wouldn't these guys look swell at your beach house?

Oh, if I only HAD a beach house...

I'm dreaming that I can feel the sand under my feet!


Czar Willy Wonka meets Candyland...

Just thought you might enjoy these pictures from St. Petersburg, Russia.
My architect hubby just returned with these beauties.
Strangely bizarre, don't you think?

Yet, beautiful...


Hippity-hoppity Easter!

My hubby thought the bunny on the right with the uber short ears 
looks like Teddy, our BxW kitty.  

Waddaya think?
His Royal Teddyness is pictured a couple of posts down.

( Isn't it funny that my architect hubby found the time to send bunny pictures on the internet?)

Gotta love this picture tho...

hoppy easter




Spring is finally heeeeeeeeeere.......

And to celebrate, I have put some new stuff in my etsy shop
( No, H*#ll didn't freeze over...)

You know, I've been so darned busy 
(thank you, glitter gods!) 
that I just  haven't had a chance to list any new things.
(Sometimes my pictures won't load and I lose patience...you know how that is...)

So please take a look and don't forget to contact me 
if you need a custom order.

Enjoy the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!




When I die I'm coming back as one of my cats....

What a life these kitties have...

Isn't Teddy the handsomest thing?  
He does serious work all day keeping the furniture anchored to the floor...

and Babycat...(sigh...)
She spends most of her time just being beautiful...
She IS the world's most gorgeous cat, don't you think?

Gotta love 'em!


Springy Wishful Thinking...

Doesn't this little guy look like he's gonna spring right off the card?
I'm in love with this sparkly critter.
Wouldn't you just LOVE to get HIM in the mail?




Are ya feeling it yet???

You know...that little twinge...
that tiny feeling in the back of your head that says Spring is actually coming! 
Oh yeah....  

I saw the sun today 
and now I'm all "birdies, nests & eggs"...


Gonna have to cobble up another of these glittery Easter trees for myself.
Hope YOU got a glimpse of sunshine today!



I heart U...

It's all hearts, all the time around here...sigh...
with you-know-what-day right around the corner!
(actually, it's 5 days away)
I love making glittery hearts...gift tags, boxes & ornaments...

There's a lotta love buzzing in the air!



Think Spring!

Dusted off my rubber stamps and cobbled up some fun, springy gift tags 
with yards & yards of silk ribbons and seam binding
to get myself in the spirit, perk myself up & and relieve the chill in my bones...  
Some tags are for bouncing boy babies...

Some are for gurgling girl babies...

Then there are those baby shower gifts for the unidentified gendered babies...
I prefer to call them "sweet peas".  
(I promise...no mint green & yellow combos...ugh!)

Dropped these and many others off at a wonderful shop in Fairfield, CT called Palooza.  
If you're in the neighborhood, you must stop by...
it's a wonderland of unique gifts, 
candles, Dash&Albert Rugs, 
and of course, 
glitteredgoods by The Glitter Fairy!


I can't believe I'm actually thinking about EASTER already!

Yup, Valentine's Day and Easter are closing in fast.  
It's time to think of birdies in nests, sweet chicks, angels,
hearts and chocolate, 
of course.

I've got some cool stuff for both holidays heading 
to The Atlanta Gift Show as we speak.  
Verrrrrryyyy exciting!



Merry Ho Ho & Happy 2009!!!!!

Believe it or not, we are still decorating our tree!
Hey, these things can't be rushed, and day by day we keep adding an ornament here and there. We will probably be finished by April! he he...
I so enjoy admiring it late at night when all the other lights are off
and each ornament twinkles with memories...

It's been an amazing 2008 for GlitterWorksStudio, with lots of work, glitter and laughter.
I am so grateful to all my clients, friends and family for allowing me
to continue doing what I love!

All the best to you in this new year.

Glittery hugs coming your way.....