Just in case you haven't discovered this site...ya just gotta go there!

CuteOverload is where I go everyday to get my cuteness fix...and a really good laugh. (It also warms the cockles of my heart...you know, I get the warm fuzzies...) It's just plain funny, (sometimes hilarious) adorable and wild, all wrapped up in one furry, outraeous blog! The picture captions, in cuteoverload language, are worth the trip. It's won all the blog awards and has a huge following. ( I am its # 1 fan. ) The blog author, Meg Frost, is brilliant!

So I just wanted to make sure all of you guys knew about it.
Now get over there, warm up your fuzzies and have a good old belly-laugh, tee hee...
WARNING: This site could be habit-forming.
p.s. If you're not an animal lover, please disregard this post. There is help...seek it.


What we've got here is a...leaf-napper!

The perp: Cali, a sneaky calico whose mission in life is to steal my bestest velvet leaves...

Here's my innocent box-o-leaves...When I'm not looking, she verrrry quietly jumps up onto my worktable and nuzzles around in the box til she finds just the right one. It must be a spray of leaves, preferably expensive ( from Tinsel Traders, of course), and one with some of the leaves cut off. She delicately takes it in her sharp little teeth and stealthily makes off to her lair...on a folded blankie by the window...or under our bed!
She proceeds to wrestle the thing into submission...
I didn't do it!!!!
Further evidence...Here's a close-up of the poor victim, slightly moist with a few tooth marks...

Case closed for now. Leaves returned and replaced with proper cat toy...(not!)...this is the only toy Cali likes, so I do let her play with the wire skeleton that's left over when all the leaves have been cut off. I think she thinks it's a really long, skinny bug!
Gotta love her. And I do!


That was then...

A couple of months ago I cleaned up my act a bit for a photo shoot...but it was only temporary...

This is now... I've been designing & glittering like crazy, attempting to get ready for my fall season of shows, as well as coming up with some new ideas, preparing for workshops and developing new products for my etsy store (not much time for that lately!) and making stuff for the wonderful retail stores that sell my glittergoods.

My worktable is a complete jumble,... a tangled hodge-podge of fruit, pliers, ribbons, held all together with hot glue threads! There are ribbon scraps, velvet leaves and of course, lots of glitter everywhere...(sigh)...pure heaven, if you ask me! I'll never win the award for tidy-ness, but I have a heck-of-a-time here in Glitterland! I do try to sweep up and put stuff away (sort of) whenever I have time but it seems I'm always under pressure to get something to somebody somewhere and I'd rather make stuff than clean!

Note: My motto is "A clean house is a sign of a wasted life." Another one of my favorites is "Housework is evil...it must be stopped!" There's no point in even trying to get all the glitter up anymore...however, I do try to not waste a flake cause it's expensive and I use aluminum pans to contain it but some always manages to escape, mostly on my face! But now that my studio is off the dining room table (where it lived for 6 years) and into my old kitchen at one end of the house, I can contain my glittery-ness better and there's not so much of it elsewhere.

Yesterday was "pear" day and I also worked on some veggie ideas. Just wish I had about a jillion more hours in the day so I can get everything done. Gotta go glitter something now...

With glittery love to all you fantastic blogging buddies,

(I really love reading your amazing blogs and learning about all of you and your projects...and I especially love your very kind comments.)


The Glitter Fairy


I've been tagged.....

My friend, Michelle, from Faerie*Dust*Dreams just tagged me so heeeeeeear goes.....

4 jobs I've had:
Design Director/Graphic & Package Designer
High School Art Teacher
Assistant to the Minister of Cultural Affairs, Embassy of ****, Washingtin, DC (Wild experience!!!)
Children's Entertainer (Yup, with guitar, singing and the whole bit!)
...and I've had tons more...I know, it's the ADHD! I feel like I have (seriously) lived several lives already...and now I'm a mom AND a glitter fairy. What will be next?
4 films I would watch over and over:
That's a hard one...I don't watch many movies, can't sit still long enough...but I do enjoy...
Shrek I
The Wizard of Oz (I watch this annually)
White Christmas (just call me sentimental...sigh...)
The Sound of Music (always wanted to sing at the top of my lungs on top of a mountain!)
4 places Ive lived:
a 700 acre farm in Pennsylvania - born and raised there with the cows...( i.e., perfect childhood with nothing but nature all around...hand-made clothes by my mom, freshly pastuerized milk from the farm and freshly baked warm cookies after school. My mom was a saint! And yes, I had a beautiful collie named Cleo, who would be waiting every day after school for me at the bus stop. I'm not making this up!!!)
Rochester, NY
Washington, DC
4 favorite TV shows:
Any cooking show, especially Jaques Pepin or Julia or Lidia
Pretty much anything on PBS (Hey, we don't have cable!)
Ugly Betty (what a hoot!)
Martha (obviously)
4 favorite foods:
Now this IS hard...I love all food, so I'm only gonna list 4 things I don't like:
Liver, or anything that has been anywhere NEAR liver...
Peas, those little greenies...however, I do love snow-peas ( I even have a glittered snowpea in my veggie line!)
Sauer Kraut
refried beans
(Chocolate and ice cream & freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are at the top of my love list...oh, and a good steak...lobster...and anything with cream, suger or butter in it!)
websites I visit every day:
CuteOverload.com wins hands down! (The world's best website!!!)
etsy store (to see if I've sold anything...)
my blog (obviously)
see my fav list to the rignt. ( I LOVE all my blogging friends and visit them all daily as time permits.)
4 places I love to be:
Cape Cod
My studio, up to my elbows playing in glitter and working on new ideas
In front of our fireplace, (picture a roaring fire) laying on the couch with all the other lights off, looking up at our sparkly Christmas tree all lit up in it's glory! Of course, the kids, hub & cats are all there, too!
NYC , especially
Tinsel Trading Company
4 favorite colors:
periwinkle blue
moss green
sea foam green
(anyone see (sea) a trend here?)
4 names I love but wouldn't use for my children:
Thaddeus ( I was named after a horse-thief named Thaddeus Munson and my middle name is Munson! )
Munson (I wouldn't name a kid Munson, either!)

Well, that's the end...now you know everything about me...maybe tooooo much...so now I will tag.... Lidy of Littlefrenchgardenhouse , Kari of Artsymama , Karla of Sugar Bear Designs , Linda of Restyled Home , Jennifer of SisBoom Daydreams

Ta ta for now...


Kari's Artful Blogger Party..............Parrrrty-tiiiiiiiime!

Hey everybody, I'm so thrilled to participate in Artsymama's fabulous Artful Blogger Party. Please check out her blog today to meet some amazing bloggers. I love meeting new craft bloggers, to see what they are up to and also share my glittery ideas and projects.
My offering toady is the post directly below this one, "The eensy-weensy spider...(oops!)...bumblebee...!" , which shows how to make a glittered bumblebee matchbox ornament. It's not an official tutorial, with step-by-step instructions, just general info & pics, but I'm sure you'll get the idea. Any questions on the details or materials, please email me @ glitterworksstudio@sbcglobal.net.

Hope you all have a fantastic blogging day....I'll be reading all of your posts. ( Guess I won't be getting much work done today!!! YAY!)

Thanks so much to Kari, a fantastic & inspirational artful blogger!
The Glitter Fairy