Glitterfairy in Studios Magazine - Winter 2010

Am thrilled to show you 
the latest Studios Magazine, 
a wonderful journal about, 
you guessed it,  
artist's studios. 

I am featured in an article 
on page 45, 
entitled "artists make merry!"
It's a very nice five-page spread, 
with lots of pictures 
of my workspace and glittergoods.

(Thanks to Peggy Garbus 
I have a decent new head-shot!)

This mag is stuffed full of 
great pictures and articles 
about a variety of artists, 
including a sweet friend of mine,
and fellow Artsy Girl, 
Susan Borgen of tpartyantiques
who transformed an 
old Hoosier cabinet into 
a stylish studio!
Also featured is another friend, 
Maggie Swanson
who is an amazing children's book 
and product illustrator 
and fellow Artsy Girl.
  You can see her spread 
on page 110.

Studios/Winter 2010 is published by
and is available in bookstores, 
craft stores or online 
I picked up my very own copy yesterday 
at Barnes & Nobles.

Take a look yourself!