Katie Brown Rocks!


What an amazing day I had with the one and only Katie Brown!

We taped a segment for one of her upcoming shows...
and it was pure joy from start to finish.
Our segment just flew by...like an ethereal puff of glitter!
(and we did toss around some glitter!)  
She is adorable, talented, warm, gorgeous, completely down to earth...
and most of all FUN......
with a delightful joie de vie that seems to permeate all that is around her.

The Katie Brown Workshop TV show is truly a reflection 
of who she is as a person...completely unpretentious
and someone who celebrates the simple joys of life.
And her "Keep it simple and you can't go wrong "attitude is so refreshing!

Katie Brown = Simply perfect!

It will air on PBS stations across the country in October. 



The glitterfairy on Katie Brown Workshop!

Yes, today I am heading in to The Katie Brown Workshop
to be her guest and tape a fun glittery segment!
Below is a bit of info on Katie, 
who is charismatic, talented, and an amazing dynamo.
Her show focuses on making your house a home, 
with segments on cooking, gardening and decorating.

The Katie Brown Workshop is broadcast nationally on PBS.  
Check her website to see when it is showing in your area.

This will be 
SO.  MUCH.  FUN!!!
"Have glitter, will travel..." 

I'll let ya know when it will be airing.
Prolly in the fall...

Katie Brown ShowThe Katie Brown Workshop is determined to
make your house a home! The 30-minute
home arts series stars Katie Brown and is
distributed by APT-American Public Television,
with a great underwriter, Bonnie Plants.
The effervescent Katie Brown always delivers
with fun and inexpensive cooking, gardening and
decorating projects designed to keep your domestic
life as simple and extraordinary as possible.
Her appealing and imaginative approach to
the home arts has been a breath of fresh air for
a new generation of homemakers.

In each episode, Katie prepares a simple
and enjoyable meal, works her magic in the garden
and transforms ordinary items into ornate gifts,
festive holiday flourishes and helpful home organizers.
From her real-life workshop, Katie tackles recipes
and projects in each episode's "Cook," "Grow"
and "Nest" segments. Accompanied by her fellow workshop experts,
Katie demonstrates how to add some spice to activities like planning the
perfect wedding meal, hosting a winning game night, giving gifts that
keep on giving, and preparing homemade sweets for Valentine's Day.

Always with an eye towards family, Katie also provides imaginative suggestions
for entertaining, engaging and encouraging young children. Produced by
Katie Brown Workshop Productions, Katie Brown Workshop is presented
by American Public Television through the Exchange service at no cost to
public television stations nationwide. The series is made possible by
the generous support of Bonnie Plants.