My son, the genius!!!! !!!

Had to share this little "aha!" moment with all of you.  A couple of days ago, a friend and I took our collective kids on a pilgrimage to IKEA, just to get out of the house before school started.  (We do this annually!)  We wended our way thru the store, examining all the colorful goods and all of a sudden, my son picked up this darling little tea ball thingie ( see the picture above...) and exclaimed,"Isn't this just great, Mom?"  Well, of course I thought it was a swell tea ball thingie---it has a small, round basket with a spring device that allows you to scoop up the loose tea leaves and steep them in your cup.  ( I have owned one in the past but these days can only manage to get a pre-made tea bag into my cup.)  

Well, I thought he was going to burst...he wasn't thinking tea at all...but rather, GLITTER!  My son imagined that I could use it to scoop up loose glitter and shake it over my fruits or other products that needed to be glittered, much the same way I use a regular strainer. (  I frequently use a small tea strainer when I want to control the amount of glitter applied, especially when I want just a light dusting---you just can't do that with a spoon. ) 
Well, I nearly split a gut when I realized where he was going with this.  He, my adorable little guy (well, he's about 5'10" now, but still my little guy...) just invented a brand new glitter application method!  Works like a charm!  You shake like crazy (think baby rattle) and the glitter sprinkles out so nicely...and lightly!  Any little bits of glue or other junk stay right inside the little basket...how cool is that???

You never know where a new idea will come from...I am even more pleased that he cared enough about my business of glittering to imagine how that little tea ball thingie could help his mom!  

Thanks to my little guy, my 2008 is already complete, and it's only day three!!!