VERY COOL NEWS FLASH!!! Holy Halloween, I'm on The Martha Show again!

Yup, the batphone rang the other night and my wonderful producer asked me to come back to the show on Friday, October 12th (that's this Friday) for some Halloween fun with Martha! I am sooooo happy and excited and am busily getting all my materials and swap-outs organized. Did I say I'm excited??? Oh yeahhhh, I'm excited and can't wait to see Martha and her amazing staff. It really is so much fun and they all make me feel so welcomed and loved. And everybody there reallyLOVES glitter!!! The promos will probably start running today.

So crank up your TIVOS, and tune in on Friday, whenever the show airs in your neighborhood. I'll be waving to you !

Glittery hugs to you all...


The Glitter Lady