Summer harvest...

My dear friend, Jane, shared some 
of her spectacular hydrangeas with me.  
They now reside on my kitchen island
in all their glory!

They almost make doing dishes tolerable...

And we're down to the last, few, precious tomatoes...


Fresh from the garden...

It was TIME to freshen things up a bit 
in the picture department,
so I asked my dear friend, Peggy, 
to grab her camera 
and meet me in my favorite place, 
the garden.

The sun was shining on what's left of our tomato plants, 
the air was warm and clear - a perfect day 
for a natural light photo, Peggy's specialty.

Leave it to Peggy to capture the light just right, 
catch the tilt of the head 
and find that twinkle in my eye!

Thank you, dear friend.  
You have such a gift!


How delicious is this?

Freshly cut and wired...
Here's a peek at some of my new ribbon colors for this fall's collection.
I could just dive right in to this pillow of color...

Gotta LOVE Midori...



Got a glitter S.O.S....

My friend, Angela Jia Kim, 
founder and owner of OmAroma & Co. , 
an award-winning, anti-aging luxury spa & skincare line,
wanted a little sparkle for her shop last night.

It was Fashion Night in NYC, 
so she sent out an S.O.S to the glitterfairy!

I helped to flesh out Angela's and her store manager, Dennis', 
vision for the night...

- A glorious garden of eden!

Since Om Aroma's products are all natural, organic 
and bursting with fruit extracts,
they wanted to "glitz-it-up-a-notch" 
with some glittered fruits used in the line. 
I glittered raspberries, 
( the red raspberry serum is delicious, and has a natural spf. )
I also glittered pumpkins, apricots, grapes, 
oranges, pomegranates...
all components of Om Aroma's amazing products.

Angela's shop in the Limelight Marketplace is stunning
(6th Avenue & 20th Street, NYC) 
but I can't wait to see it with an extra bit of sparkle.
Great fun!  I'll post the pictures soon!




Red Raspberry Rocks!!!

Had the distinct pleasure a few evenings ago of attending the launch of a wonderful new product, 
Red Raspberry Day Serum, from Om Aroma & Co.

Om Aroma & Co. , founded by my friend, Angela Jia Kim, 
is an anti-aging luxury organic spa and skincare line 
that is free of parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, 
and other toxic chemical fillers.

Angela , a gifted, (and breathtakingly gorgeous) touring concert pianist,
founded this amazing line after having a most inopportune 
allergic reaction to a body cream 
just before stepping on stage to perform a concert, 
and instantly realized the need for skincare products 
without chemicals and preservatives.  
Since it's launch in 2007, Om Aroma has won numerous awards and accolades.  
I am its newest convert and I can honestly say I love all the products I've tried.

I also purchased an organic caviar eye cream, Extrait de Caviar, 
which feels absolutely yummy around my slightly mature...(ahem!) eyes, 
as well as Dream & Do, a delicious everything cream 
with an intoxicating lavender scent.

I can't wait to get back to Angela's shop for more!

Om Aroma is located at

Limelight Marketplace
656 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10010

Check out Om Aroma's website here.

Here's to great skin!