Check out my buddy Marnie's very cool frames...

Marnie and I have known each other forever...since our kids were babies, and I am thrilled to show you her latest and greatest frames using my favorite fabrics in the whole ever-lovin' world, from SisBoom.  
You simply slide your picture or momento or whatever you want under the ribbons, and it stays in place until you change your mind and stick something else in.  Perfect for someone like me who can't sit still for more than about 30 seconds.  (News flash: I like to change stuff around all the time. Now there's a surprise!)  No more opening up a frame, cleaning fingerprints off the glass, breaking the glass...you know the drill.  
Pure simplicity with a sweet shock of SisBoom color!
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Teddy McSnouterson

No, Teddy, you're neither an artichoke nor a garlic, but if you stay in this box much longer, I'll surely glitter you!  That's some snorglicious snout, eh?