Spring is finally heeeeeeeeeere.......

And to celebrate, I have put some new stuff in my etsy shop
( No, H*#ll didn't freeze over...)

You know, I've been so darned busy 
(thank you, glitter gods!) 
that I just  haven't had a chance to list any new things.
(Sometimes my pictures won't load and I lose patience...you know how that is...)

So please take a look and don't forget to contact me 
if you need a custom order.

Enjoy the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!




When I die I'm coming back as one of my cats....

What a life these kitties have...

Isn't Teddy the handsomest thing?  
He does serious work all day keeping the furniture anchored to the floor...

and Babycat...(sigh...)
She spends most of her time just being beautiful...
She IS the world's most gorgeous cat, don't you think?

Gotta love 'em!


Springy Wishful Thinking...

Doesn't this little guy look like he's gonna spring right off the card?
I'm in love with this sparkly critter.
Wouldn't you just LOVE to get HIM in the mail?