All hail, the queeeeeeen!

The Glitter Fairy has been dreaming up new glittery surprises...and voila! Crowns! The one above is for the "Queen Bee", perfect for a birthday party or special occasion for that DIVA in your life---that could be YOU!!!
I couldn't resist putting a glittery silvered bumblebee right smack in the middle! It's trimmed with vintage tinsel, rhinestones and a gazillion yards of lavender silk ribbon (actually...7 yards each side X 2 types of ribbons= an over-the-top 14 yards! Can't have too much silk ribbon - or glitter- I always say!)

The back is covered in beautiful pink swirly paper, with a banner for you to write something special and a spot for the Diva du Jour's name.

This pink crown above is my dragonfly crown. A beautiful silk flower is being visited by a glittered champagne pink dragonfly. Rhinestones, tinsel & ribbons complete the front, and the back has a place for your name. I handwrote "Made by the Glitter Fairy" in the banner.

Crowns can make a dreary day sparkle, a child giggle and a 40th birthday party rock! And what FUN to make.

I will be doing a "Diva du Jour Crowns" workshop soon so stay tuned...I will also be selling these soon at the studio and at my etsy store.

I may have trouble parting with them, however!!!!!

You can't help but feel SPECIAL with one of these babies on your head!