Here's a sneak peek...

at the fabulous Holiday Fantasy Tree we'll be making at Tinsel Trading Company in NYC on December 15th! This baby is almost 4 feet tall, and is perfect for small ornaments, treat cones, or in this case, lots of glittered bumblebees and dragonflies!

For this class, we will provide the urn, glitter, wire for the tree, sheet moss and bird, nest, eggs and a couple of fat little bumblebees. If you'd like more bugs or want to make more of the ornaments shown, we will have the materials available for purchase. I really can't wait for this workshop. Working with copper wire is such fun...We'll dust our urns with a bit of vintage silver glass glitter, and I'll show you how to shape ordinary 7 stranded electrical grounding wire into a gorgeous tree trunk, roots and branches. This is the Holiday version of the one I did on the Martha Show for Halloween (10/15/07), except this one will be a bit bigger. We'll be using 3 foot lengths of wire, so it will be wider...and you can shape the branches any way you want...squiggly like mine, or angular or compressed or stretched out...it's your tree, to shape as you wish. ( If you have a pair of double round nosed pliers, please bring them. ) Also, please wear work clothes as we will be mixing and pouring plaster to set the roots securely into the base. We'll pop some sheet moss over the plaster, shape the roots and branches and voila!....you will have a spectacular tree that you can use year after year, season after season. (By the way, there is absolutely NO reason why you can't use this puppy at Eastertime, for hanging eggs and bunny ornaments...or hearts for V-Day, for that matter!)

Please check in with Tinsel Traders here if you want to register for the class. There are a few spots left. Hope to see you there...



Oops! I almost forgot...HAPPY TURKEYDAY, EVERYBODY! May you have a wonderful day of thanks with family, friends and good food. xoxoL