Glitter birdies and dragonfly beds....

Easter is creeping up so quickly...I've been working on some sweet glitter birdie ornaments with fancy German tinsel roping and mini nests...perfect for the Easter tree or quince branch...I'm also making some dragonfly & bumblebee beds ( yup, they sleep on velvet leaves...now you know...).


Thinking Spring...

Lots of colors are flying around here...soft pinks, magentas, moss green, chartreuse...Spring must be right around the corner...I'll put a bumblebee on anything, I tell 'ya! Isn't this bee tag suh-weeeeeeet? These tags and many more are headed for some shops...Am working on Easter stuff already. Sheesh! Wasn't it just Valentine's Day yesterday???
Anyway...here's something fun to do to jazz up your Easter Basket.
Take your favorite jumbo candy bar (I like Dove, Cadbury & Lindt), take off the outer wrapper, leaving the foil intact. Cut out two complementary decorative papers and wrap & tape them over the foil. Add ribbon, a velvet leaf...and perhaps an itty-bitty chickie, and voila! You've got a great looking candy bar which would make a swell hostess gift at Easter dinner or a special present for your children's basket. Of course, I have traced some glue pen over the patterned papers in a few areas and sprinkled a bit of non-glass glitter on top. Gives it a bit of sparkle! My biggest challenge is to NOT eat the chocolate before delivering it to a store!!! (Note: I haven't quite recovered from Halloween candy yet!)
It's a bit dreary outside here so I thought I'd brighten up the day with some colors...


I've been tagged by my buddy, Suzi Finer....

Yup, Miss Suzi wants to know what I'm reading today, so she tagged me with a "Book meme"...
Here goes....

"Just go up to everyone you see, introduce yourself, and start talking" It's that "just" word again. Like it's so easy.This passage is from
Soul Proprietor: 101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur
by my dear friend & guru, Jane Pollak.

Note: I totally recommend this book to all you entrepreneurial types out there. It is jam-packed with fantastic info to help you build your dreams & talents into a successful business while maintaining balance in your life.

The rules of "Book meme":
Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages
Find page 123 (don't cheat!)
Find the first five sentences
Post the next three sentences
Tag five people

I'm tagging Jennifer of SisBoom, Karla of Sugar Bear Designs, Linda of Restyled Home, Lidy of Little French Garden House and Kim of Musings. What are you guys reading today???

BTW, Happy Valentine's Day to all...
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo and xo!
The Glitter Fairy


Another Fab Workshop @ Tinsel Trading Company!

Combine one part glitter, one part crafter, one part slightly whacky teacher, one part chocolate and what have you got??? One heckuva great time, I tell 'ya!!!

Oh, what fun we had tossing around faux posies, velvet leaves and of course, glitter! I swear, I have THE most wonderful students...and they made gorgeous, glittery trinket boxes and tags. We painted, cut, glued and glittered, as the afternoon flew by!

And each finished box & tag was unique as its creator.

That's what I love about teaching. You can toss out lots of materials, technical advice (and chocolate...) and you get the most amazing results!

NOTE: We also ate brownies with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, Dove chocolates, drank Pellegrino and soaked up all that indescribubble-icious Tinsel Trading vibe.

Heaven, by my standards...

(I simply cannot wait for my next class in March! We'll be making wire trees in glittered urns for Easter.)

Many thanks to my students - (you rock!) - , Terri Ventura, our fearless organizer, and of course, Marcia, the owner of TT, who graciously opens her glittery shop to us for these fun events.

Love you guys...xoxo


Love is in the air.......

This little birdie is holding his lovey-dovey message in his beak. I glass glittered the birdie & nest, added a tinsel necklace with a frilly flower, glued his banner in his beak, popped in some green shred & a blue egg...and he's ready to go. He's flying to Westport.Here are the rest of the heart ornaments. Each one is about 5 inches tall with a different combo of flowers, bugs and leaves and words.
I'll be so sad when Valentine's Day is over. I just love making heart designs...
au revoir, mes amis...

I heart U...

More love coming your way...These little guys can be ornaments, gift tags or you can tie one on a bottle of bubbly. The bigger one is an ornament which can express your feelings du jour (or should I say feelings "d'amourrrrrr" Oooooh!). This one says "Pucker up!" I also made others with the words, "You make life so sweet...", "Happy love day..." and of course, "bee mine!", complete with a glittered bumblebee.
I used a combo of champagne glitter and silver glass glitter with velvet leaves & frilly glitter tipped posies. These went to Fay Kim Designs in Westport, CT, just in time for V-Day.

The Glitter Fairy