What do I love about my home???

Karla over at Karla's Cottage is hosting a Romantic Country Party and has asked us to share what we love about our homes. Please visit Karla and all her friends today by clicking here.
I love EVERYTHNG about my home...and it's truly a "home", not just a bunch of building supplies. It's the center of my universe. When my husband and I bought it 23 years ago it was mostly uninhabitable, full of mousies and everyone thought we were crazy. ( Well, we were!) A lot of years, and a LOT of sweat equity later, we have a wonderful home and I thank God every day for it.

I love the clutter of my studio...
Yes, I work in utter chaos...wouldn't have it any other way!
I love the "overflow-from-my-studio" space (hey, I'm getting ready for a big show!)...This is where a nice carpet and grand piano will go someday...
I love my kitchen, with its unfinished cabinets (handmade by my hubby, and no, we still don't have cabinet or drawer pulls yet!) and my Wolfie stove and my great big, honking sink (full of dishes, of course!). Every day this space gives me great joy because it is the heart of our home, where we come togther to do homework, prepare food and hang out.
(Note the beautiful bouquet of roses on the island from my hubby to celebrate our 24th anniversary yesterday!!!)My house is not tidy, or decorated or even "finished"... but it is full of hard work and love...and it is just perfect!

What do YOU love about YOUR home???