GlitterWorkshops are coming...

I've got a couple of workshops coming up and here's the scoop:
Saturday, April 28th @ Zoe & Floyd Gallery in Seymour, CT 203-881-9102
Glitttered Mother's Day Cards - Make some special cards for the one who brought you into this world. We will stamp & glitter out little hearts out!
Saturday, May 26th @ Zoe & Floyd Gallery in Seymour, CT 203-881-9102
Glitter 101 - I'll tell you everything I know about glitter and I guarantee you'll leave with glitter on your face!!! We'll make some beautiful glittered trinket boxes and maybe some cards & tags.
That's all the news that's fit to print!
Ciao for now...

Martha & me...

Hot off the press...Take a look at this...The Glitter Fairy (or Glitter Lady, as Martha likes to call me!) on Wednesday's Martha show glittering away... Fun, fun fun! You can watch both segments or click on either one individually, plus print out written instructions for the glittered bunny bouquets, cabbage baskets or veggie napkin rings! Isn't technology great?!!! I still haven't seen the segments on a real TV yet, only on the teensy weensy computer screen but I am thrilled to see that I didn't trip on my high heels!

I still haven't caught up on my sleep and I've been busy filling orders but wanted to share this with all of you.

FYI: My sweet pals helped to doll me up a bit...My gorgeous robin's egg blue jacket was from my friend Stacy of The Worth Collection and the gold bracelet was from my dear friend, Faye of Faye Kim Designs in Westport, CT. Thanks, guys! You made me feel absolutely beautiful!

I'm too exhausted to go into much detail tonight and will eventually write about my wonderful Martha adventure...but until then, let me say it was...
A M A Z I N G ! ! !
Gotta go finish some glittering...