Katie Jean said...

I just saw you on Martha and I loved your projects. Especially the petal basket, too cute for words!

SugarVee said...

You were wonderful on Martha's show. Very relaxed and informative. The projects were great. Beautiful work!

The Glitter Fairy said...

Hi katie jean,
Thanks so much for your comment! Glad you liked my projects. I took a moment to read your blog. Love it!

Sounds like you love crafting, so I really hope you will try to make a cabbage basket for Spring if you have time. It's not technically difficult and it will look so cute with a few faux eggs and some shred in the center. You just need a bit of time for all the gluing. And you can shape it any way you want...really open or you can tack the insides of the leaves to cinch it in a bit. You should be able to get the faux cabbages at a craft store. (I got mine at Michael's but some folks have not found any there. Sold out! If you need the SKU # let me know.)You can also use any other type of large faux or silk leaves for a different look. The complete directions are on Martha's website or you can click on the words "the Martha show" in my "Martha & me..." blog entry above and it should take you right to the video segments.
Again, thanks for writing and I look forward to hearing how your projects came out!
The Glitter Fairy

The Glitter Fairy said...

Dear sugarvee,
Thanks for your kind words. I had such fun being on Martha's show. You just wouldn't believe how wonderful her staff is and how nice she was to me. It was a dream-come-true for me being in her Art Department with row after row of art supplies in labeled bins. I was a graphic designer after teaching (and before kids) so I love art supplies!!!

Hope you will try some of my projects. Any questions, you where to find me!
Kindest regards,
The Glitter Fairy

Cathy-by-the-river said...

Thanks for the directions from Martha's craft board to your GlitterWorksStudio. Love the stuff you did on Martha's show. I love your craft room too. I work out of ziplock bags and a tote. Can't wait to get outside to my garden bench to do some glittering. I bought two 18 inch bunnies at Big Lots right after Easter. I think they are going to look fabulous glittered. I'm going to go back to Michaels and buy some glitter and glitter glue from Martha's new line.

The Glitter Fairy said...

Dear cathy-by-the-river,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I had a chance to look on Martha's craft board this am and saw your posting and responded to it there. I'm so glad you found some bunnies to glitter. Now is a great time to find them on sale! Glitter holds up well over time as long as you cover whatever you've glittered to keep the dust off... So glitter away!!!

I, too am looking forward to getting outside although I do most of my glittering inside my studio! The glue dries too fast when I work outside and sometimes the glitter blows away!!!

Believe it or not, I actually have to start making stuff for Christmas!!!

I'm also excited about Martha's new line of craft products and haven't had a chance to see any at Michael's yet. I will be seeing them on Tuesday though, when I will be in the audience at Martha's show for the "launch" ! Should be fun...

Please let me know how your bunnies turn out. Enjoy this gorgeous Spring weather and let me know if you have any glitter questions.