Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Families to Families Boutique at Trackside was a huge success! 

We sold lots of glittergoods, gave (and received) lots of  hugs 
and took enough orders to keep us busy 'til Christmas eve!!!! 
(and we got to debut our fab new aprons, embroidered by SignatureStyle)
 I am always amazed at how our town supports artists 
and small businesses. 

The mix of vendors was such fun...Gorgeous handmade Signature 
Collection and grainsack bags from Sharp Hill Designs, whimsical hats, 
pillows and scarves (all made from repurposed sweaters) 
from Bev's Boilers, Witchipoo's fab jewelry 
and shawls,  Nancy Geany's  handmade quilts, banners and aprons, 
stationery from A Flood of Paper and, of course, 
tasty delights from Scoops 
and artisanal chocolates from Sweet Pierre's
And that's just a few of the delightful vendors 
who came out to support a good cause, 
Wilton's own Social Services.

Marie, the show organizer, grabbed my heartstrings 
when she asked us to remember how cold our homes got 
a few weeks ago when we lost power 
due to a freak storm.  
She then asked us to imagine it being that cold 
(or much colder) ALL of the time 
because we didn't have money for fuel!  
It may not be obvious to the casual onlooker, 
but there are over 125 families 
in our town who are struggling...who need our help. 
Money raised from baked goods sales and the auction 
will go directly to help those families.

So, it was a fantastic day all around and Pamfairy and I 
thank you for coming out and supporting us...
It was such fun to see you all...



GlitterWorksStudio at Dovecote!

                                          photo by Mackensie Griffin

I am very happy to announce that my latest collection of glittergoods 
will be carried by Dovecote, an amazing shop that defies description! 

Bold colors, the finest furnishings & imaginative vignettes make for 
a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. 
Dovecote has "an incredible mix of mid-to-the-19th-and-beyond century 
furniture and furnishings", as well as designer jewelry, 
ornaments, home decor and gifts.

Now you will also find GWS silver artichokes, pear & apple ornaments 
with luxe Midori ribbons, acorns, eiffel towers, snowflakes, 
magic wands, paper banners, cards, tags and much more!
Dovecote LOVES glitter!!!

Stop by and tell them the glitterfairy sent you!


Yes, even the glitterfairy plays hookey once in a while...

There I am, right in the front row with wonderful friends, 
20 feet away from Regis and Kelly! 
(Thank you soooo much Ann, for the VIP seats!) 
And what fun we had!
Regis and Kelly were so lovely to the studio audience, 
and during breaks, shook hands and chatted.
They even posed for pictures with us after the show!

(I don't get into NY nearly often enough, and though 
this is my busy season, I couldn't miss this fun day.)  

I was then treated to a marvellous lunch 
at Fiorello at Lincoln Center (THANK YOU, Ann!!!), 
we strolled thru Central Park admiring the colorful foliage,
did some window shopping along Fifth Avenue, 
inspected Harry Winston's fab jewels...ahem!...,
saw the tree going up at Rockefeller Center,
then headed back to the glitter mines...
What a wonderful and memorable day...

I love playing hookey...


Find your Signature Style...

Just installed our newest holiday display in a 
fabulous new shop, right in the center of Wilton, CT, 
Signature Style

Mary and Ann have assembled an amazing collection 
of home decor, apparel and gifts, all of which 
can be personalized with monogramming.
It would take an entire page to list all of the fabulous things 
one can find there, but I will try to give you a taste.

You will find outstanding gifts for...
 hostess, housewarming, bridesmaids, 
groomsmen, teachers, baby, Valentine's Day, anniversary, 
birthday, beach house, holiday and every other imaginable occasion.
You will also discover gorgeous sweaters, jammies, jewelry, 
bags, totes, bowls, trays, frames, blankets and pillows...
The list goes on and on...

And now...
you can also find glittergoods from
yours truly, theglitterfairy, including
glittered sea critters, seastars, "sparklers" monogram letters,
peace on earth globe ornaments
(with a map-pinned flag locating our lovely town of WILTON)
and our newest ornaments,
(a limited edition) 
personalized glass ornaments,
tricked out with words handwritten in glitter 
and luxurious Midori ribbons.
We will customize each one for you...
with your child's name, your monogram, 
cheers!, diva, merry merry, bah humbug!, 
or whatever sentiment you can think up!

Yes, they are fabulous!
And yes, we are already taking orders...

Better get one before they sell out!

So...stop by and tell them the glitterfairy sent you...

Glittery hugs...


Dare to be different!

Sweet images of The Cape remind me... 
"Don't be afraid to be a little outside of the box, 
march to your own beat---forge your own beautiful path."
Must pass this on to my kids...


Memorize this...

Happy last day of summer...

This was the very first year that we managed to outsmart the deer!
Our hydrangeas were kindly (and gloriously) allowed to bloom.
What a divine gift from nature!

(FYI- "Hydrangea" is the botanical name for "deer food"! lol!)

Must keep this image in mind 
as the cold winds start to blow...





Two n(ewe) friends...

How do those spindly little legs hold all that fluff up?
One of the great mysteries of life...

Enjoyed these lovelies at the Bridgewater Country Fair.


The boss briefly awakens from a "cat nap"

Here at GlitterWorks, sometimes it is a bit of a 
challenge to get things done.  

Teddy likes work, but he prefers to sleep upon it 
rather than to actually do work!  
And he does his very best to keep me from doing it, too!

Time for another nap!
(A demure little fellow like Teddy needs his beauty rest...)

Gotta luv him....



Ahhh...beautiful Sanibel!

Just enjoy the view...(sigh)...


Wish I was there right now...

These hand printed and glittered cards are hot off the presses.

Email me and I'll send some your way...




Peachy Beachy Cards...

Now that summer is almost upon us, 
I am in full production of my beach cards.  
I think they are my most favorite images.

Whether it is Chatham, Amagansett or Brewster, 
 these glittery cards make me feel like I have my toes in the sand!

This is Chatham's Lighthouse Beach, one of my favs...

and...those chairs...so beautifully lined up at The Chatham Bars Inn...

The Fish Pier (glamor shot...lol)

The Chatham Lighthouse...

and...in case you don't know how to find beautiful Chatham,
here's a map!

Each of these cards feature my own photographs, 
hand printed on Crane's Museo Card Stock,
and embellished with just a touch of glitter
for a bit of elegant shine!


Katie Brown Rocks!


What an amazing day I had with the one and only Katie Brown!

We taped a segment for one of her upcoming shows...
and it was pure joy from start to finish.
Our segment just flew by...like an ethereal puff of glitter!
(and we did toss around some glitter!)  
She is adorable, talented, warm, gorgeous, completely down to earth...
and most of all FUN......
with a delightful joie de vie that seems to permeate all that is around her.

The Katie Brown Workshop TV show is truly a reflection 
of who she is as a person...completely unpretentious
and someone who celebrates the simple joys of life.
And her "Keep it simple and you can't go wrong "attitude is so refreshing!

Katie Brown = Simply perfect!

It will air on PBS stations across the country in October. 



The glitterfairy on Katie Brown Workshop!

Yes, today I am heading in to The Katie Brown Workshop
to be her guest and tape a fun glittery segment!
Below is a bit of info on Katie, 
who is charismatic, talented, and an amazing dynamo.
Her show focuses on making your house a home, 
with segments on cooking, gardening and decorating.

The Katie Brown Workshop is broadcast nationally on PBS.  
Check her website to see when it is showing in your area.

This will be 
SO.  MUCH.  FUN!!!
"Have glitter, will travel..." 

I'll let ya know when it will be airing.
Prolly in the fall...

Katie Brown ShowThe Katie Brown Workshop is determined to
make your house a home! The 30-minute
home arts series stars Katie Brown and is
distributed by APT-American Public Television,
with a great underwriter, Bonnie Plants.
The effervescent Katie Brown always delivers
with fun and inexpensive cooking, gardening and
decorating projects designed to keep your domestic
life as simple and extraordinary as possible.
Her appealing and imaginative approach to
the home arts has been a breath of fresh air for
a new generation of homemakers.

In each episode, Katie prepares a simple
and enjoyable meal, works her magic in the garden
and transforms ordinary items into ornate gifts,
festive holiday flourishes and helpful home organizers.
From her real-life workshop, Katie tackles recipes
and projects in each episode's "Cook," "Grow"
and "Nest" segments. Accompanied by her fellow workshop experts,
Katie demonstrates how to add some spice to activities like planning the
perfect wedding meal, hosting a winning game night, giving gifts that
keep on giving, and preparing homemade sweets for Valentine's Day.

Always with an eye towards family, Katie also provides imaginative suggestions
for entertaining, engaging and encouraging young children. Produced by
Katie Brown Workshop Productions, Katie Brown Workshop is presented
by American Public Television through the Exchange service at no cost to
public television stations nationwide. The series is made possible by
the generous support of Bonnie Plants.


Wouldn't you love to learn how to make this seastar garland???

T-Minus 10 and counting...

Yup, only ten more days til my "Day at the beach..." glitter workshop 

We will be crafting a garland with eight real seastars.  
Each seastar can be glittered any way you'd like...
stripes, polka dots, or cover completely with glitter...it's your choice.
(I can't wait to see how each garland turns out!)

Each seastar will be pre-drilled so you can run some seam binding thru it 
and tie it onto a 9 foot piece of sheer ribbon, 
(2" wide May Arts organza...to die for...).

There will be much more to do...
You'll make an ornament or two and some sweet gift tags.

And, of course, my favorite part...
I'll share my glitter tricks of the trade in Glitter 101, 
while you munch on a scrumptious cupcake 
and sip Pellegrino!
Oh yeah....

See ya there...




It's glitter workshop time...Join me for "A day at the beach..."

I'm thrilled to report that I will be teaching a workshop next month 
at the venerable Tinsel Trading Company in NYC!  
Since summer is right around the corner 
I thought it would be fun to work with beach-themed materials, 
such as seastars and shells, and add a touch of GLITTER, of course!

We will be using Tinsel Trading Company's 
exclusive imported German glass glitter...(yippeee!!!)...
which sparkles like no other glitter!

Voila!   "A day at the beach..."

We will be crafting a 9 ' glittered seastar garland 
which can be draped across a mantle, strung up over a door or window 
or used as a table runner.  
I made glittery polka dots and stripes on these seastars 
to make them even more whimsical, 
then strung them up on 2" pale aqua May Arts organza ribbon
I can feel the sand in my toes already...

We will also craft an individual ornament, 
either a seastar on hand-forged hook 
(which I will also teach you how to make), 
or a crab or seahorse, your choice. 
The latter will be strung up on seam binding. 
These make a great hostess gift 
and look wonderful tacked up on a memo board,
and don't forget to hang them on your tree or mantle for the holidays.

Finally, we will make some adorable gift tags 
using punched out shapes of beautiful card stock,
and embellish them with glitter, shells, flowers, leaves 
and of course, some of Tinsel Trading Company's legendary trimmings.

So slip on your flip-flops and join me
Saturday, May 21
Tinsel Trading Company
1 West 37th Street, NYC
Workshop fee: $66
Materials fee: $19

Call 212-730-1030 or visit the store to sign up! 
Visit Tinsel Trading Workshops for more info on 
other exciting TT workshops!




Happy first day of Spring???

I believe Mother Nature is having 
some "anger management" problems...

Happy (sort of) Spring!

This is a good day to 
stay inside and GLITTER!


Starting to think Easter...

Found some of my favorite faux cabbages 
(that I had tucked away in the studio...)
and made up a sweet cabbage basket 
with a twig handle in spring green.  
These are perfect to hold 
a chocolate bunny, small candy eggs 
or use as a place marker at Easter dinner...

I really think this is one of 
my all-time favorite designs...
still love it after creating it for Martha Stewart...

These will be for sale soon at a local shop...
(also available in the original purple color)

Happy (almost) Spring!




Glitterfairy on PetTalk

Ooooooh!  We had so much fun!
Lauren Collier has a wonderful show 
with lots of furry guests 
but she always has room for the glitterfairy at holiday time...

We showed viewers how to doll-up their
pet's food bowls with glittery letters and stickers.
Watch for it this weekend on CT NewsChannel 12...

Fabulous. Furry. Fun.



Heading over to PetTalk...

Can't wait to see my sweet friend 
and host of PetTalk, Lauren Collier.  
Today we are going to decorate some pet bowls 
to go with the pet placemats we made 
on the last Valentine's Day show...

How adorable are these?... And so simple to make.  
Glittery letter and heart and paw-print stickers 
are easy to apply and will really jazz up 
your pet's Valentine's Day dinner!
(FYI - Got these great bowls at Walmart!)

And, the stickers will last for quite a while,
but are removable when you want 
to celebrate the next holiday.
These bowls are full of my kittie's dry food, 
but would look much better if I filled them 
with their favorite home-made treats, 
cut into heart shapes!

PetTalk is on CT Channel 12
and will run all next weekend.
Tune in!



Don't forget to add a hand-made tag...

to your sweetie's gift on Valentine's Day.

These are so simple to make.
Punch out or hand cut shapes from nice card stock,
punch out or cut smaller shapes of decorative paper,
glue down and glitter edges,
stamp a message,
and top with a bumblebee
(or a butterfly or a faux flower).
String up on ribbon
and tie onto a bouquet of flowers
or into the bow of your gift box.

Simple. Sweet. Handmade.


When you're ready to pop the cork...

...don't forget to hang a little something extra
around the neck of the bottle...
...something like...say... 
a sweet little silver glittered puffy heart 
with a big, fat, red bow, 
a chubby bumblebee 
and a banner that says "bee mine!"...

That'll send your message loud and clear...

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day...


A little Valentine's Day love...

Just sent a whole bunch of these glittery heart ornaments 
to a high-end jewelry store 
to gussy-up their windows for Valentine's Day.  
We used three sizes of hearts and three colors of glitter, 
and finished them off with the most magnificent 
double-faced Midori satin ribbon bows.
Ooh, they are soooo yummy!
They will be suspended on very thin, matching ribbons 
and will simply float like heart-shaped clouds 
--- rotating in the slightest breeze, 
adding a bit of sparkle to an already gorgeous shop.

Gosh, I love my job...



Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you 
for a most amazing year of glittering! 
You, my wholesale accounts, 
as well as individuals who have purchased my glittergoods 
online and at the studio, 
have made me one happy glitterfairy!
Your support means the world to me!

Here's to 2011!