The Martha Chronicles

This is the story of a GlitterFairy who, by some kind of divine intervention of the GlitterGods, was lucky enough to get a chance of a lifetime! I won't bore you with all of the details on how I got there, but I was asked to show Martha some tricks of the glitter trade for Valentine's Day on February 1st on her live show. It truly was amazing, fun and scarey, all rolled up into two jam-packed days. Her entire staff was so kind to me, the set is absolutely GORGEOUS, and Martha was extremely gracious. I guess I must have done something right because shortly thereafter, I was asked back to do some Easter glittering. In fact, I'll be there next Wednesday on the live show. I can't even begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to this next adventure...I'm still pinching myself from the last appearance!!! So hold your breath, cross all of your fingers and stay tuned...The Glitter Fairy is back!
FYI - The Feb 1 segments were running on Martha's website www.marthastewart.com for a while but with the new website design, they aren't up and running yet. I am told they will be back soon... and you should be able to see my current segments right after the show on Wednesday.

How it all started...

My signature glittered pear ornament...

Thought you might like to see how all this glitter stuff started. This glittered pear ornament above was one of my very first products, waaayyy back in 1999. I started playing around glittering faux apples (for the teacher), pears and peaches, added wired ribbons to them, made a wire hook so it could hang as an ornament, then wrapped them in cello and showed them to a few friends. They all thought they were beautiful and that I should consider selling them. The rest is history...and the best part is that I still love making every single one! Now I sell lots of different fruits & veggies...pomegranates, plums, artichokes and even chili peppers! Lots of people use them as Christmas ornaments on the tree, but just as many hang them in windows, year round or put them in a glass bowl or on the mantel.
I'll post pix of some of my other designs soon & I'll also post some project instructions for those of you who love glitter as much as I do!

The Glitter Fairy

The Studio...

Here's where it all happens. This great shot of my "wall of glitter" was taken by my photographer (and dear friend) Peggy Garbus of Peggy Garbus Photography. She's an amazing artist who specializes in BxW children's & family photography. Check out her website at www.peggygarbus.com for a real treat for the eyes!
As you can see, I have tons of glitter...each little flake is just waiting to find a home on some unsuspecting object! And yes, I always have glitter on my face... friends say I leave a trail! But I think glitter is a beautiful thing and I LOVE my work.
That's all for now.
The Glitter Fairy

Cabbage Basket and other Spring Goodies

By the way, the sweet cabbage basket you see below will be for sale on my online shop right after my Martha appearance. Visit my store at www.glitterworksstudio.etsy.com. It would look great as a place marker for a Spring dinner or brunch or as an Easter decoration around the house. I will customize the banner with a name or "happy spring", "spring has sprung" or leave it blank so you can write in a name. I also have chick & duckling boxes, garlands and other Spring stuff. Everything is hand made by me in very limited quantities. Gotta go glitter something...Enjoy! TGF

Happy weekend!!!!

I think we are about to get our first Spring weekend, complete with sunshine... a most welcomed arrival...There is a lot of activity around here as I get ready for Martha. (only 4 days til I hit the city withmy glittery stuff in hand and share some fun projects!) I need to complete a few more glittered projects for the segments, get my clothes together, get the dishes washed...(like THAT'S gonna happen!)...Somehow, dishes and laundry are way too low on my priority list. Eventually they get done but now I have bigger things to do.


Catch some sun and enjoy!

Spring REALLY has sprung!

The Glitter Fairy