Pink fairy dust in a jar!

My new friend, Linda, of restyled home, was daydreaming the other day about having an apothocary jar full of beautiful pink glitter. So in her honor, I filled a sweet jar with one of my favorites, Miss Muffet (www.artglitter.com) and took a picture to share with Linda and all of you. Glitter is a wonderful thing...it makes me smile, and this jar makes me laugh out loud with joy! Hopefully it will bring a smile to your face, too. Next I'm going to help Linda get her own jar of glorious pink glitter.

Today I have been working on some new products and this fern basket was born from a faux bird's nest, a cluster of faux fern foliage, twigs, a faux bumblebee, Angelina fiber and of course, the most important thing, glitter.
I popped a few faux eggs in for good measure. Do you think the local birds will come by and try to hatch them??? (Not if that ferocious little bumblebee has anything to do with it!)

The Glitter Fairy Takes a Field Trip to "Glitter Heaven"...

Yesterday I flew the coop and made a pilgrimage to "the source"...no, not Poland Spring, silly...a glitter factory. Yes, I , through an amazing coincidence, met a person ( on a plane ) whose father actually invented modern-day glitter , and a trip to my kind of heaven was planned. Back in the 1930's, when German glass glitter was no longer available because of WWII, a wonderful gentleman invented a way to make glitter here in the good old US. This family-owned company manufactures top-of-the-line glitter that is sold all over the world, as well as sequins and all manner of shiney stuff. The best part is that it is located smack in the middle of a gorgeous farm so I got to see cows with their newborn calves and fat French Geese waddling about. What a wonderful place! It just doesn't get any better than this for a Glitter Fairy! I had sooooooooo much fun and am thrilled to say I finally met someone who loves glitter MORE than I do! Is that even possible???