Time for the Stationery Show in NYC!!!

I am so excited to see all the new colors & trends that this year's collections will bring.  
And I always am looking for new suppliers for paper, etc, which I will find at The Supply Side, also part of The Stationery Show at The Javitts Center in NYC. 
(These handmade tags above are some of my own designs on silk ribbons)
I am also meeting some fab friends there, 
including the one-and-only Suzi Finer, the creator of www.iamadiva.com!  
(Just for the record, I am one of her divas...tee hee!  
Check out the website---it's a blast and full of lots of useful info and an online store with fantastic products!)
Monday just can't come soon enough for me!

Grace & Company Paperie - Bainbridge Island, WA

Got some great pix of a fantastic shop in the Seattle area, 
where I sell some of my glittered goods.  Over the past year I have sent them glitterbirdies, glittered letters, sea horses, sanddollars, crowns and "bee mine" gift tags.
Isn't this place just delish???  Everything I love...in one sparkley place...heaven...
You must stop by if you are in the area and tell them The Glitter Fairy sent ya!


Two artichokes on a stick...

It's amazing what you can do with artichokes!  I glittered & impaled a couple of them, popped them into a green painted cast-iron urn and voila...
a nifty artichoke topiary.  
Artichokes are fast becoming my biggest selling ornaments at holiday time.  I glaze 'em with gold dust or a bit of lime green glitter, add a bow and a hand-forged hook and folks hang 'em on their holiday tree or a chandelier or nestle them in the greens on the mantle.
  Who knew the thorny little buggers that are 
so darned hard to eat 
(but so darned delish) would make such fine decorations? 
Nature really is perfect, 'ya know... 
I guess I'm just an artichoke addict.....