Don't forget to add a hand-made tag...

to your sweetie's gift on Valentine's Day.

These are so simple to make.
Punch out or hand cut shapes from nice card stock,
punch out or cut smaller shapes of decorative paper,
glue down and glitter edges,
stamp a message,
and top with a bumblebee
(or a butterfly or a faux flower).
String up on ribbon
and tie onto a bouquet of flowers
or into the bow of your gift box.

Simple. Sweet. Handmade.


When you're ready to pop the cork...

...don't forget to hang a little something extra
around the neck of the bottle...
...something like...say... 
a sweet little silver glittered puffy heart 
with a big, fat, red bow, 
a chubby bumblebee 
and a banner that says "bee mine!"...

That'll send your message loud and clear...

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day...


A little Valentine's Day love...

Just sent a whole bunch of these glittery heart ornaments 
to a high-end jewelry store 
to gussy-up their windows for Valentine's Day.  
We used three sizes of hearts and three colors of glitter, 
and finished them off with the most magnificent 
double-faced Midori satin ribbon bows.
Ooh, they are soooo yummy!
They will be suspended on very thin, matching ribbons 
and will simply float like heart-shaped clouds 
--- rotating in the slightest breeze, 
adding a bit of sparkle to an already gorgeous shop.

Gosh, I love my job...