The Glitterfairy on Pet Talk!

Hey pet lovers,
I had the priviledge of being a guest on
CableVision Channel 12's Pet Talk show this past weekend...
and what a hoot it was,
(or should I say what a "barooooo" it was,
as there were at least three doggies waiting in the green room
to go on after me!)
I showed the adorable host, Lauren Collier,
how to make a sweet snowflake ornament
featuring a picture of one's own pet.
lent me a few of her amazing pet images
and we threw some glitter around
and had a blast!
The kittie on the left is my BabyCat when she was just a wee furball...

I'll post the clip when I get it...

Still glittering up a storm around here...
but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel...



T minus 1 and counting...

Yup, it's time for the fabulous SisBoom Holiday extravaganza!
Tomorrow, (or Friday or Saturday...) you must drop everything,
and get yourself over to Jennifer's amazing event
where you will be surrounded by beautiful colors,
( fabrics, trinkets, clothing, crafted whimsies, wreaths,
ornaments, frames, pillows )
and much, much , much, much, much more.
( I can't even begin to explain all the wonders you will find there...)

and of course you will be greeted by the one and only Jennifer,
whose kindness and warmth are legendary!

Do stop by and tell Jen the glitterfairy sent ya!