Yup, it's a yummy, glittery frame!

Hope you'll come and join me for this fun workshop on May 10th at Tinsel Trading Company in NYC.  You'll have a blast sifting thru Tinsel's amazing collection of trims to "trick-out" your glittered frame, including the tiniest of birdies, and of course, there will be lots of 
vintage glass glitter...
Call 212-730-1030 to sign up!

Happy Spring to you all and I'm off for a bit of R&R for next week.
Catch ya later.
The Glitter Fairy


Sneaky peek # 2...

As you can see, there are beautiful flowers & a glittered birdie involved....
This project is very fun and easy and makes a nice place for a picture or a mirror.
Can ya guess what it is????
love ya,
The Glitter Fairy


GlitterWorkshop coming up soon.....

Wanted to give you a peek at my upcoming workshop in NYC...

47 West 38th Street (between 5th & 6th)
May 10th
12 - 3 pm
All I'm gonna tell you is that it is going to be FUNNNNNNN! 
And, of course, there will be glitter involved!
Give them a call at 212-730-1030 to sign up!
Love ya,
The Glitter Fairy...


Glitter Gives Back!!!!!

Perhaps some of you might have heard that Ellen DeGeneres mentioned her dislike of glitter on one of her past shows...Needless to say, I was cut to the quick, ( oh, the horror of it all...) but I heal quickly and just as quickly forgot about it. ( Remember I have the attention span of a gnat! )  And ya gotta figure she was kidding, right???  She's a comedian, after all.  I do love her.  However, as for "glitter",  she knows not of whateth she speaketh...

However, this burning issue has once again surfaced in my glittery world and I want to tell you what's going on...

Tomorrow, there will be a very friendly, tongue-in-cheek, rally outside Ellen's TV studio, to show her glitter is not evil and that there are actually some alternatives to messy, loose glitter. They will all be trying to help Ellen "get her glitter on!" [CC_Rally_LowRes.jpg] The press will be there and who knows what will happen...and I live too darned far away to attend!  Rats!  I would have loved to have personally enlightened her re the joys of glitter...

My newest crafter-in-glittery-crime, the crafty chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo (www.CraftyChica.com), did manage to score some tickets and will be in the audience of Ellen's show the next day, Wednesday, so the subject of glitter might just come up!  Fun!  (Note:  The word "glitter" always comes out of Martha Stewart's mouth when I'm in the audience...YAY!!!!!)  BTW, Kathy is an amazing artist, author, teacher and diva of all crafy goodness!  Check out her website and blog.

However, Kathy has also cooked up something much more important...she has 
organized a bunch of us glitter artists to donate to IdolGivesBack, a most worthy cause.  The special IdolgivesBack show will air Wednesday night, and after crying my eyes out last year while watching the show and seeing all the suffering children, I am sooooooo happy to be able to give something back myself.  Kathy kick-started me to do something worthwhile and therefore,  have posted three brand-spanking new products in my etsy shop, and will donate all the moola to IdolGivesBack.  
This bird-in-nest Trinket or Gift Box is my latest product, just in time for Spring!
(Editor's note:  This puppy just sold!!!  Yay!)
Remember my paper plate pedestals on Martha last October?  Well, the duct-cap surfaces yet again in this unlikely combo!  Instead of paper plates, I used a trusty duct-cap, mounted it on a candlestick and glittered the whole shebang with silver vintage German glass glitter, and tricked it out with fringy & funky vintage 1 " and 1/4" tinsel roping for giggles.
Last but not least, I glittered a teensy weensy birdie and her eggs with silver glass glitter, popped her atop a 1 1/2" nest and tied it up with a velvet leaf and pale blue seam binding.   I sell these as gift toppers. They add a touch of sparkly spring when tied into a bow on a package. I'll be shipping a bunch of these babies to Tinsel Trading Company and ABC Carpet & Home in NYC to sell.  (Editor's note:  This just sold, too!!! Double Yay!)

Please take a moment and go to etsy and take a look at the over 30 glittery items for sale.  All proceeds will be donated to IdolGivesBack.  There are some pretty cool things there!

This time, glitter can do a little more than just make ya smile!

Glittery hugs,

The Glitter Fairy