What's the buzzzzzzz?

Recently I've named the studio 
"The Beehive GlitterGuild", 
because there are now many of us buzzing about 
throughout the day and night.

My sweet seeeeester has flown in to help.  
She is our official "ribbon lady" and ties all our bows.  
Not a job for the faint of heart!

I have been very blessed to have found a wonderful 
Assistant Glitter Fairy, Denise, 
...she glitters, assembles, organizes, tallies, packs, 
makes up invoices & charts, does QC checks 
and then re-checks everything! 
(all with a gorgeous smile on her face, I might add...) 
DeniseFairy is my "rock"!  
She is actually sprouting wings...

Here are a couple of amazing women who help me to glitter, 
our most FUN job around here.  
I am also blessed with several other wonderful women 
(and you know who you are!) who paint boxes, 
cut ribbon and help in any way they can 
to keep this glittermachine going!

What a TEAM!!!!!

There is no way on this green earth that this glitterfairy 
could handle all this solo...

Many thanks to all...

Tea Time...

We have been extraordinarily busy lately (thank you, GlitterGods!),
but every now and then it's important to take a break...
My sweet sister put together 
the most beautiful High Tea for us yesterday...
Still warm from the oven "Swedish Visiting Cake" filled the house and studio 
with the most delicious smells...vanilla, sugar & almonds!  
What a gift she gave to us!

Thank you seester!