Just in case you haven't discovered this site...ya just gotta go there!

CuteOverload is where I go everyday to get my cuteness fix...and a really good laugh. (It also warms the cockles of my heart...you know, I get the warm fuzzies...) It's just plain funny, (sometimes hilarious) adorable and wild, all wrapped up in one furry, outraeous blog! The picture captions, in cuteoverload language, are worth the trip. It's won all the blog awards and has a huge following. ( I am its # 1 fan. ) The blog author, Meg Frost, is brilliant!

So I just wanted to make sure all of you guys knew about it.
Now get over there, warm up your fuzzies and have a good old belly-laugh, tee hee...
WARNING: This site could be habit-forming.
p.s. If you're not an animal lover, please disregard this post. There is help...seek it.