One of my most favorite projects....

Came across this photo today and it brought back 
some wonderful memories. 

This is actually a rather famous cabbage basket, 
having been on The Martha Stewart Show 
for an Easter segment I did a while back.  
It was such fun showing Martha how to make this. 

Here's the link if you'd like to watch Martha & me in action. 
Both written instructions and video are there, 
so you can make some of these sweet baskets for yourself... 
They are perfect at a place setting, filled with candy eggs 
or perhaps a chocolate bunny.

I created it out of a faux cabbage, a small round box, twig garland, 
some excelsior shred, and of course, glitter.  

I think it is my favorite of all my Martha projects. 
(Martha actually used some of them on her own Easter table 
at home after the show!)
I still have a few of them and think I will put them out on my table for Easter.  

Maybe I'll make some more...hmmmm...

Ah, memories...



I repeat...When I die, I'm coming back as Teddy...

This afternoon, as we were all scurrying at top speed around the studio,
glittering & packing product & eating chocolate chip cookies (he he),
we couldn't help but notice our supervisor, Teddy McSnouterson,
relaxing in a most provocative pose!
He spends the better part of each day nestled on a blankie
which he has worked down into the crevice of the couch cushions.
Really should send this one into CuteOverload!
Love my kittykat...