GlitterWorksStudio at Dovecote!

                                          photo by Mackensie Griffin

I am very happy to announce that my latest collection of glittergoods 
will be carried by Dovecote, an amazing shop that defies description! 

Bold colors, the finest furnishings & imaginative vignettes make for 
a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. 
Dovecote has "an incredible mix of mid-to-the-19th-and-beyond century 
furniture and furnishings", as well as designer jewelry, 
ornaments, home decor and gifts.

Now you will also find GWS silver artichokes, pear & apple ornaments 
with luxe Midori ribbons, acorns, eiffel towers, snowflakes, 
magic wands, paper banners, cards, tags and much more!
Dovecote LOVES glitter!!!

Stop by and tell them the glitterfairy sent you!


Yes, even the glitterfairy plays hookey once in a while...

There I am, right in the front row with wonderful friends, 
20 feet away from Regis and Kelly! 
(Thank you soooo much Ann, for the VIP seats!) 
And what fun we had!
Regis and Kelly were so lovely to the studio audience, 
and during breaks, shook hands and chatted.
They even posed for pictures with us after the show!

(I don't get into NY nearly often enough, and though 
this is my busy season, I couldn't miss this fun day.)  

I was then treated to a marvellous lunch 
at Fiorello at Lincoln Center (THANK YOU, Ann!!!), 
we strolled thru Central Park admiring the colorful foliage,
did some window shopping along Fifth Avenue, 
inspected Harry Winston's fab jewels...ahem!...,
saw the tree going up at Rockefeller Center,
then headed back to the glitter mines...
What a wonderful and memorable day...

I love playing hookey...