Memorial Day 2007

It was a picture perfect day here in our little town and this is what we saw on our way to the pancake breakfast & parade. Pink blossoms were bursting everywhere. Folks came out from under their rocks, said hello to each other and we all celebrated our town, our country and those who have served it.
I think it is my most favorite day of the year. Great weather, fellowship and...pancakes!
Doesn't get any better than that! Hope yours was great, too.


13 days and counting......

SisBoom's Annual Spring Show

Yes, it's only a hop, skip and jump away from Jennifer's fabulous Annual Spring Show ! And I hope you can all hop, skip and perhaps even drive on over to see this amazing event.

I've had the wonderful pleasure of knowing Jennifer for many years, and I can tell you first-hand that she is an amazing person. Not only is she the most talented & creative person I know, but she is also the kindest & nicest person I know. A true friend...AND, her show is THE BEST and most fun of all!!! You'll find the coolest mix of stuff, from fabrics of course (her new ModGirls is gorgeous) to pillows, dresses & all manner of clothes done up in her signature fabrics, as well as whimsical paper creations beyond your wildest dreams. I can't even explain all the wonders you will see. It is indeed a treat for the senses and always great fun!

Hop, skip or crawl over to:
40 East Meadow Road
Wilton, CT 06897
June 7th, 8th & 9th from 9 - 7.

I hope I'll see you there...


Hey, lookey what I made!

In my never ending quest to find new ways to use glitter, I came up with another project. ..fun, easy and a great way to dress up your chandelier or small dressing table lamp.

I just found a little bitty lampshade, suitable for a chandelier, glittered it in Chrysalis green (www.artglitter.com) , then glued faux fern fronds around it. Of, course, I added three glittered bumblebees for fun. I dry brushed the leaves with a bit of glue and dusted with a little more glitter. (Can't have TOO much glitter!) I think these would look swell at a garden party or any time you want to add a touch of whimsey.

Please let me know what kind of glittery projects you are up to.

Wishing you all a wonderful ( and sparkling ) holiday weekend!


Busy as a bee...

The Glitter Fairy never seems to stop.

Yesterday, I was making up some projects for my upcoming Glitter 101 Workshop at Zoe & Floyd Gallery this Saturday. We will be making glittered trinket boxes out of papier-mache boxes, faux bumblebees, silk ribbons & faux flowers. What a beautiful way to celebrate Spring!

Lately, I've been putting bumblebees into everything I make...except pasta sauce! I love to see them hover over a flower. I usually wire them onto 18" floral wire and sell them for floral displays or potted plants. Of course, they are always dusted with you-know-what!


Pink fairy dust in a jar!

My new friend, Linda, of restyled home, was daydreaming the other day about having an apothocary jar full of beautiful pink glitter. So in her honor, I filled a sweet jar with one of my favorites, Miss Muffet (www.artglitter.com) and took a picture to share with Linda and all of you. Glitter is a wonderful thing...it makes me smile, and this jar makes me laugh out loud with joy! Hopefully it will bring a smile to your face, too. Next I'm going to help Linda get her own jar of glorious pink glitter.

Today I have been working on some new products and this fern basket was born from a faux bird's nest, a cluster of faux fern foliage, twigs, a faux bumblebee, Angelina fiber and of course, the most important thing, glitter.
I popped a few faux eggs in for good measure. Do you think the local birds will come by and try to hatch them??? (Not if that ferocious little bumblebee has anything to do with it!)

The Glitter Fairy Takes a Field Trip to "Glitter Heaven"...

Yesterday I flew the coop and made a pilgrimage to "the source"...no, not Poland Spring, silly...a glitter factory. Yes, I , through an amazing coincidence, met a person ( on a plane ) whose father actually invented modern-day glitter , and a trip to my kind of heaven was planned. Back in the 1930's, when German glass glitter was no longer available because of WWII, a wonderful gentleman invented a way to make glitter here in the good old US. This family-owned company manufactures top-of-the-line glitter that is sold all over the world, as well as sequins and all manner of shiney stuff. The best part is that it is located smack in the middle of a gorgeous farm so I got to see cows with their newborn calves and fat French Geese waddling about. What a wonderful place! It just doesn't get any better than this for a Glitter Fairy! I had sooooooooo much fun and am thrilled to say I finally met someone who loves glitter MORE than I do! Is that even possible???


Time for the Storks...

Now that it is really Spring around here, new babies won't be far behind...and I found a wonderful new stamp to welcome the little ones to the world.
( It's almost worth having another baby just to get one of these beauties )...Only kidding, but the Anna Griffin stamp I used to make this is absolutely delicious...it stamps beautifully and makes a charming card. I stamped this on a white Crane's Gift Enclosure Card with matching envelope in Sky Blue (ColorBox Pigment ink), and added the word "Congratulations". ( Oh, how I love those Anna Griffin stamps!)
FYI - I am working on my own line of rubber stamps. Just need more hours in each day! I KNOW you all know that feeling.
It's turning into a gorgeous Sunday in this neck of the woods. Hope you can get outside to enjoy this Spring weather.
Wishing you a sunny day...


Oh, the things you can do with a faux cabbage!

How I love faux cabbages...their colors are so vibrant, the leaves so soft and they are a really nifty craft element. The baskets I made for Easter were a big hit (Martha ordered 6 green ones for her own Easter table!) and were fun to make. Yes, your fingertips do get a bit scorched but it's worth it because the little baskets are so sweet.
Now I've gone a little cabbage crazy and made one into a lamp shade. Waddaya think? Cute, no? I just used a small lampshade and hot glued the cabbage leaves onto it, starting at the bottom and overlapped them. I trimmed the top ones and wrapped them around the top of the shade and glued them in place. I dry brushed a bit of glue on the leaves, dusted with you know what and voila, a lampshade even Peter Rabbit would love!

Dabbling with artichokes...

Started messing around with one of my faux artichokes today, and instead of making an ornament for the Christmas tree or window, as I usually do, I made it into this sweet little basket with a twig handle. My cabbage baskets were such fun to make so I thought I'd try with an artichoke. It would make a great place card holder at a Spring dinner party or it could hold some candies or chocolates. ( My brain is in a "chocolate" mode today! )
After disassembling an artichoke (ouch!) , I painted the inside of a small papier-mache box green, then glued the artichoke leaves around the box in concentric rings. The handle is just honeysuckle vines cut into 12" lengths and twirled around a bit and hot glued in place. Couldn't be easier. Of course, I dusted it with a bit of fairy dust for that little extra something! Let me know what you all think...

On a scale of 1 to 10, today is a 20 !!!!!

I am soooo glad I decided to take a lunch break today. The lilacs are at their absolute peak, the wisteria is bursting its britches and it is one of those "great-to-be-alive-days". As I stroll thru my yard, I can't help but realize how incredibly lucky I am to be surrounded by such beauty. I intend to drink it all in...

Lunch was reasonably satisfying. I devoured a nice, sensible turkey sandwich and a glass of milk. Then, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I remembered a dark secret lurking in my freezer. A David Glass "Ultimate Chocolate Truffle Cake" was screaming to me, pulling me into its velvety web. For one, fleeting moment, I thought of my wonderful Weight Watcher's Leader, and how she would have advised me to redirect myself, reign myself in, and forget the cake demon. I, of course, put away a sizeable hunk along with another sensible glass of milk. It just doesn't get any better than this...

Days like this must be etched in one's mind...this peak of perfection might not come again for at least a year. Not too hot, not too cool, no bugs...and chocolate...heaven in my garden.

And this is one scene that CANNOT be improved upon by adding glitter!

Hope you can stroll thru your garden, whether in the flesh, looking out a window or just in your mind!


What's the buzzzzzzz.....

Need to make some more of these guys. They seem to "fly" out of the shop! I just love these little bumblebees...so fat...and these guys don't sting! You can tie them onto a wine bottle or hostess gift for something a bit different!

Ta ta for now,
The Glitter Fairy

Hope you are able to get outside to enjoy this spectacular weather! I wish I could take my glittering outside...but alas...the glue dries way too fast and my glitter blows away when a gust sneaks up!!!

Believe it or not, we are already thinking about the Christmas Holidays around here. If we don't start making stuff now, we'll never keep up in the Fall. Got about a bajillion artichokes this week. Gotta glitter every last one of them. Artichokes were very hot last season and I'm looking forward to working on them. I think they are my favorite vegetable to glitter!

It's also time for seastars....ah, lovely hanging in the window...makes you think of summer vacation at the beach! Of course, they are great for the holiday tree, too! Gotta glitter some of those, too! No rest for the Glitter Fairy!

BTW, I visited the Martha Show again last week for the new product launch of Martha's wonderful paper arts & scrapbooking line. If you haven't had a chance to get to a Michael's Crafts store, take a look online. Really beautiful stuff...well made...nice colors...can't wait to get my hands on some of it! The glitters are very nice and come in a nifty jar with a sprinkler cap, just like a spice jar. It was fun to be at the show in the audience. It's quite an experience to be at a LIVE TV show...Everyone works so hard there...there are so many staffers...and they somehow make it all work. Now I really have to go glitter something!

Sending you all my happiest wishes for SPRING !!!