Heading over to PetTalk...

Can't wait to see my sweet friend 
and host of PetTalk, Lauren Collier.  
Today we are going to decorate some pet bowls 
to go with the pet placemats we made 
on the last Valentine's Day show...

How adorable are these?... And so simple to make.  
Glittery letter and heart and paw-print stickers 
are easy to apply and will really jazz up 
your pet's Valentine's Day dinner!
(FYI - Got these great bowls at Walmart!)

And, the stickers will last for quite a while,
but are removable when you want 
to celebrate the next holiday.
These bowls are full of my kittie's dry food, 
but would look much better if I filled them 
with their favorite home-made treats, 
cut into heart shapes!

PetTalk is on CT Channel 12
and will run all next weekend.
Tune in!