If you're in the neighborhood...

Please stop by the Holiday Spree Boutique
I'm doing a wonderful show next week in Rye, NY at the Shenorock Shore Club, Wednesday, October 3rd, from 9:30am - 6pm and Thursday, October 4th, from 9:30am - 4pm. There are 43 fantastic vendors and the venue is gorgeous, right on the water!

Please email me if you need more info as I doubt you can read the flyer above...

I've got pink flamingos!!!!!!!!!I'll also be selling glittered fruit & veggie ornaments, glittered birds, bugs and all manner of insects, monogram letters, sea star ornaments, and even life-sized glittered faux chickens! Yes, I've got a flock of chickens...and yes, I have a very eclectic mix of stuff! T'will be a blast!
You can also grab lunch there, while gazing out on beautiful Long Island Sound....
I'm sooooo looking forward to getting glitter on the faces of all those unsuspecting people in Rye!!! By the way, the show is free and it's certainly worth the price of admission to see this elegant club (and me, of course...in action...shamelessly flaunting my glittergoods!).


The Glitter Fairy


What do I love about my home???

Karla over at Karla's Cottage is hosting a Romantic Country Party and has asked us to share what we love about our homes. Please visit Karla and all her friends today by clicking here.
I love EVERYTHNG about my home...and it's truly a "home", not just a bunch of building supplies. It's the center of my universe. When my husband and I bought it 23 years ago it was mostly uninhabitable, full of mousies and everyone thought we were crazy. ( Well, we were!) A lot of years, and a LOT of sweat equity later, we have a wonderful home and I thank God every day for it.

I love the clutter of my studio...
Yes, I work in utter chaos...wouldn't have it any other way!
I love the "overflow-from-my-studio" space (hey, I'm getting ready for a big show!)...This is where a nice carpet and grand piano will go someday...
I love my kitchen, with its unfinished cabinets (handmade by my hubby, and no, we still don't have cabinet or drawer pulls yet!) and my Wolfie stove and my great big, honking sink (full of dishes, of course!). Every day this space gives me great joy because it is the heart of our home, where we come togther to do homework, prepare food and hang out.
(Note the beautiful bouquet of roses on the island from my hubby to celebrate our 24th anniversary yesterday!!!)My house is not tidy, or decorated or even "finished"... but it is full of hard work and love...and it is just perfect!

What do YOU love about YOUR home???


This was bound to happen sooner or later...

Yes, The Glitter Fairy's own custom blend of Fairy Dust is soon to be available so YOU can add some sparkle to your own work. I have created some wonderful transparent glitters with just a whisper of my favorite colors, to enhance your greeting cards, tags and any projects that need a bit of shine.
I found these nifty little tins with glass tops in an aluminum case, just perfect to hold a few ounces of glitter. These will be available at my upcoming shows....more on shows later...



The Glitter Fairy

The glitter is flying...literally!

Glitter has really taken wing around here...on the wings of fat little birds, hummers and dragonflies. Lately I've been working on a series of sweet flying things for the Christmas tree and am getting ready for this coming season of shows and workshops. Can't believe another year has flown by....Hopefully these guys will start to get you in the spirit. ( I know, it's waaaaay too early, but it's Christmas everyday here at GlitterWorksStudio!!!) This hummer above is glittered with my special blend of glass & non glass glitter, so a bit of the bird's color will show thru but it will still tarnish a bit over time. It will never tarnish to a really dark patina, however, like 100% glass glitter.
These little birdies are such fun and shine like diamonds on the tree. The camera really doesn't do justice to the sparkle...I'm using vintage silver glass glitter on all of these. Some of my birdies are hanging on wire, some have wires on their footsies to attach to the tree branch, some sit in little nests and others are on a long wire so you can put them in a flower arrangement on your holiday table...or you can also just stick it right into the Christmas tree. I'm in love with these guys...wish I could keep them for my own tree! You'll also see a glittered letter, dragonfly and snowflake (oohhhhhh, does this mean snow is coming? Wait a sec...Halloween (Glitter-ween) hasn't even come yet!!! I know, I know, slow down girl...but I have to think months in advance!)...there will be much, much more to come...

Back to the glitter pits....


Things that go "eeeeeeek!!!" in the night...

I've been a very, verrrrry busy little glitter fairy lately, cooking up lots of Halloween fun, like spidey matchbox ornaments to hang on your Halloween tree...

pedestals in gorgeous pumpkin orange, silver glass and black glitter...
talking bat ornaments...

and any number of Glitter-ween-tastic creations...

If I ever get my act together, some of these will be in my etsy shop.

Gotta get back to the glitter mine...


Let's have a nice cuppa...

Please join me for a virtual tea party. Take a moment to breathe, sip and enjoy. I've just brewed some darjeeling and put out my mother's best Haviland (sorry, I didn't have time to shine the silver!). And I've got a divine slice of fresh pie!!!! Our family went apple picking yesterday and my daughter made the most beautiful pie...and even tho I shouldn't have any, the "gravitational pull" of this pie is just too much for me! I am helpless to resist such delicious-ness!

Hope you can squeeze in a few moments for yourself today. Forget about work, the laundry, dishes...and make a cup of tea. Ten minutes, maybe fifteen...that's all it will take. Go ahead, treat yourself! It'll change your whole outlook on the day.

Thanks goes to Make Mine Pink, for organizing this special event. Stop by her blog to see who else is having a tea party today...and meet some new friends.

Fortunately, since this is a virtual tea party, you can't possibly get any glitter in your tea!
I, on the other hand...well... that's the story of my glittery life.

Oooh...I feel better already...


Dust off your broomsticks and fly by...GlitterWorkshops are coming soon!!!

SAVE-THE-DATES: Yup, we're getting the particulars finanlized and I'm happy to tell you I will be doing some GlitterWorkshops this Fall at Zoe & Floyd, (a fantastic art & crafts gallery) in Seymour, CT and in NYC at Tinsel Trading Company (my most favorite-est shop in NY, just brimming with velvet leaves, trims, tassels, ribbons, flowers and all things shiney...).
So here's the scoop---

Glitter-ween 101
Saturday, October 20th, 1-4pm
@ Zoe & Floyd:
We'll get ourselves covered in pumpkin orange & black glitter as we craft some great Halloween treat cones and a glittered paper plate pedestal, while stuffing our faces with delectable Halloween treats.... Note: Z&F has wonderful fine Art as well as handmade crafts & jewelry to peruse, and there's a fantastic antiques shop across the street, and Tickled Pink (another fab shop, full of shabby wonderful-ness) right next door!!! A great fall destination...

Glitter-ween Fun!
Saturday, October 27th
@ Tinsel Trading Company:

Hop on your broom and fly to the big apple for some Halloween fun! We'll make a black crow treat box and a glittered pedestal to put it on....and I suspect there might be some fab Halloweenie cookies involved! YAY! ( and of course, you'll OD on all the gorgeous-ness in this shop ...and can trim out your treat boxes with Tinsel Traders trims, lamettas, scrap, millinery flowers and more!)

Fruits & Nuts...Holiday Glitter 101

Saturday, November 10, 1-4pm @ Zoe & Floyd:

We'll have some glittery Holiday fun! (Yes, there will be cookies!) I'll show you how to make my signature glittered pear ornament, complete with hand-forged hook and cello bag. We'll also make a papier-mache walnut box ornament, perfect to fill with chocolate or a special treat or Christmas wish. These make perfect hostess gifts...but most people just can't part with them ...(they put them on their own tree or mantle!). Please come join me for some glittery good times!

(I just love getting glitter on other people's faces, hee hee!)