Katie Brown Rocks!


What an amazing day I had with the one and only Katie Brown!

We taped a segment for one of her upcoming shows...
and it was pure joy from start to finish.
Our segment just flew by...like an ethereal puff of glitter!
(and we did toss around some glitter!)  
She is adorable, talented, warm, gorgeous, completely down to earth...
and most of all FUN......
with a delightful joie de vie that seems to permeate all that is around her.

The Katie Brown Workshop TV show is truly a reflection 
of who she is as a person...completely unpretentious
and someone who celebrates the simple joys of life.
And her "Keep it simple and you can't go wrong "attitude is so refreshing!

Katie Brown = Simply perfect!

It will air on PBS stations across the country in October. 




Catherine said...

Congratulations Laurie....sounds like a wonderful day! YOU rock too!

Melanie said...

Hi Laurie! I've been hooked on the Katie Brown Show ever since you announced you're going to be on it! Can't wait to see your episode!