All hail, the queeeeeeen!

The Glitter Fairy has been dreaming up new glittery surprises...and voila! Crowns! The one above is for the "Queen Bee", perfect for a birthday party or special occasion for that DIVA in your life---that could be YOU!!!
I couldn't resist putting a glittery silvered bumblebee right smack in the middle! It's trimmed with vintage tinsel, rhinestones and a gazillion yards of lavender silk ribbon (actually...7 yards each side X 2 types of ribbons= an over-the-top 14 yards! Can't have too much silk ribbon - or glitter- I always say!)

The back is covered in beautiful pink swirly paper, with a banner for you to write something special and a spot for the Diva du Jour's name.

This pink crown above is my dragonfly crown. A beautiful silk flower is being visited by a glittered champagne pink dragonfly. Rhinestones, tinsel & ribbons complete the front, and the back has a place for your name. I handwrote "Made by the Glitter Fairy" in the banner.

Crowns can make a dreary day sparkle, a child giggle and a 40th birthday party rock! And what FUN to make.

I will be doing a "Diva du Jour Crowns" workshop soon so stay tuned...I will also be selling these soon at the studio and at my etsy store.

I may have trouble parting with them, however!!!!!

You can't help but feel SPECIAL with one of these babies on your head!


Storybook Woods said...

I really, really love these. They sooo amazing. I love the color combo, even just the paper crown with no glitter is amazing. I am quite envious of the queen crown. i can not wait to hear more about them !!! xoxo Clarice

The Tattered Nest said...

thank you for your kind words on my blog...stop by again sometime! I love your crowns! you are truly talented! take care,Gail

Danielle Muller said...

these are "to live for"...soooo beautiful! have a blessed day!

restyled home said...

I just picked my jaw up off the floor!! I honestly have never seen anything so beautiful as that crown in the top picture...unbelievable. They are all gorgeous, but that one has my name written all over it! All hail to the Glitter Fairy!!


Daisy Cottage said...

Oh, these are are simply precious! Just love them!

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

Talk about love at first sight. That first one actually spoke to me. There's no way I'd give it away as a gift. I'd wear it myself everyday. I think it would take some of the drudgery out of housework!

Rachelle said...

That is STUNNING! The queen herself could wear it!

kellyloveswhales said...

LOVE love love these! Thanks for spreading the glittery joy!

cammyk said...

These are SO amazing. You are one talented gal!!

Helle Greer said...

Absolutly Stunning!!!
Love the dragonfly, the bee, flower, everything is so pretty and dreamy.