Hippity-hoppity Easter!

My hubby thought the bunny on the right with the uber short ears 
looks like Teddy, our BxW kitty.  

Waddaya think?
His Royal Teddyness is pictured a couple of posts down.

( Isn't it funny that my architect hubby found the time to send bunny pictures on the internet?)

Gotta love this picture tho...

hoppy easter




Storybook Woods said...

Hoppity Easter to you xoxoxo Clarice

Valarie said...

Hi Laurie....love the bunnies. I hope you had a wonderful Holiday. Things have been busy here in Colorado. My baby graduates from College in 2 weeks. AAAGH. Keep in touch. xxoo

leon9801 said...

Hey, where are you?

I look at your blog each day and see no activity. Are you OK?

I miss you.


Impatient Cajun