Meet my new helper, Teddy!

Teddy just has to be right smack in the middle of my workspace...when he's not sleeping, that is.......( that's his job the other 23 hours or so )  Notice how deftly he steps between the glittered letters...leaving only a trail of fur.  And he knocks only the most delicate items off the worktable with such finesse...

As a junior glitter fairy, his fine motor skills are not great... and he doesn't actually get much done...but he can sit and s-t-a-r-e  at me for hours on end!  (Notice the flat ears?  I think he needs a treat right about  now...)
 The good news is that I only have to pay him in kitty treats!
(Hey Teddy, can you run this box down to the P.O.?)


Michelle said...

What a cute "helper" Makes me miss my cat, Tyra who passes away two years ago. He used to plop down right on projects I was working on! like the empty space next to the projects was not good enough!


Rosemary said...

What a cute kitty!!
Is he covered in glitter too?
Love the glittered letters!

tricia stirling said...

he's so cute!

Inspired Tokens said...

Oh...what a cute helper! These kinds of helpers are the best...great company and cheap to employee! He's toooooo cute!

Tracie said...

First time to your blog (found you through Little French Garden House), your Teddy helper is so sweet and super fluffy. A cat can't help it, just loves pretty sparkly things!


Holly Loves Art said...

Teddy is so handsome. What a pretty boy you have here! I love your blog... so many pretty things for the eye to see.

Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Teddy is adorable. They always manage to get in the way. Do you think they want to make sure we don't forget about them?

Karen Eileen

Laume said...

All cats consider themselves managers in charge, yes?

The pink little bees are so sweet!

And don't worry about having all your decorations down yet. Mine aren't. Mainly 'cuz it's too much work to trudge through the snow to the garage to get the boxes to pack it all up in - but still.

Daisy's said...

What a beautiful cat. I really enjoy your creations. Thanks for sharing. Do you sell on Etsy ?

Cami said...

Teddy is MAGNIFICENT! Happy Valentine's Day GlitterFairy! I need my own personal GlitterFairy I've decided!!!