Trims, trims everywhere!

Pulled a few supplies together for our workshop...velvet leaves, flowers, scrap, silver dresdens...to embellish our heart trinket boxes at next month's class.  

It was such a blast to rummage thru my favorite treasure trove, AKA Tinsel Trading Company. BTY, our class will actually be held across the street at...The Store Across the Street (Yes, it's really called that, tee hee), which is full of ribbons, papers, Martha Stewart Crafts Line, and has lots of light and space.  TT X 2!!!  Can't wait for this class! 
I glittered the inside of this little box and even glittered the Dresden trim which I ran around the base.  (I know, I know...no surprise here!  You know I'm gonna glitter it!  
Even Dresden trims are not safe from The Glitter Fairy!) 
And, yes, I'll try to put together some kits for those of you who want them.  I've had some inquiries.  Let me know, OK?
I'm working like a maniac on some "bee mine" tags for some of my stores, two wire trees, complete with ornaments, for a client, and a bunch of V-Day whimsies!
Back to the glitter mines....


dime store daze said...

Can't wait for your class, we love having you and all your GLITTER.

Rosemary said...

Love all of it!!!

Michelle said...

Yum, yum, yum, and YUM!

TammyR said...

Wish I didn't live so far away! I would LOVE to attend one of your classes, especially one at TT! WoW that store looks awesome!

I have to ask...what is your favorite adheisive for glittering your projects?


the glitter fairy said...

Hi Tammy,
Believe it or not, I use good old Elmer's white glue for most of my glittering. I thin it down when necessary, depending on how much glitter I want to stick! There are some great adhesives out there, but I use sooooo much glue that Elmer's works for me (read: it's cheap!). Artglitter has two great ones called Designer Dries Clear and Designer Dries White, which are very high quality, and are perfect for special applications.
Let me know if you have any other glitter questions. Wish you could attend a Glitter 101 workshop, were we talk about all the properties of glitter and adhesives! I'll just have to take it on the road!
All the best and glittery hugs to you...