Another grrrrrreeeeaaaaat workshop!

Oh, the fun we had on Saturday. Wish you all could have been there. We crafted beautiful wire trees in glittered urns and dusted some birdies and eggs with more of the stuff...and of course, ate chocolate bunnies & malted milk easter eggs. ( One of my workshops isn't complete without chocolate, ya know! )First we glittered our cast iron urns with vintage silver glass glitter and let them dry. Next, we twisted the wire strands into a trunk shape with branches and roots. Then we bent the roots so they would fit down into the urn. Yay! We got it to stand up in the urn all by itself!!! (nobody sneeze, OK?)
Next it was time to mix & pour plaster...Now the fun began...time to start shaping the branches. This is where each artist's personality started to emerge. We twisted, twirled and coaxed those little wires into the most beautiful shapes.Everyone's tree came out to be so different, yet absolutely wonderful...I think everyone was amazed to see a thing of such beauty emerge from a pile of copper electrical wire!
It was very tough to say good-bye to this group...such amazing people...and we had such a blast!

Thanks to Marcia @ Tinsel Trading Company, and to our workshop organizer, Terri, for yet again allowing me to teach my craft and share my love of all things glittered!

The Glitter Fairy


Rosemary said...

Looks like great fun!!

Valarie said...

I still can't believe that I got to make a glittered tree with the amazing Glitter Fairy!! It was truly one of the best times I've ever had!!! You are amazing!!

Keith said...


It was my pleasure hosting this weekends workshop. You alway know how to make people fall in love with all things Glitter! Can't wait until you blow into town again... you know I will be right there waiting to see your next glitter creation! And, thank you again for the gift, it was yummy! :-) Be well, Keith

&rew said...

It was indeed a great fun to be in your class! Thanks so much for brightening my day. &rew

Tracy M. said...

I'm so jealous my friend Valerie got to go to your workshop. It looks like sooo much fun! Hopefully I can attend someday.
Best Wishes,