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I love to see pictures of projects folks have done at home...and this Halloween Tree was made by Kathy, after watching me make one with Martha last month. She found an urn (glitter to come, she assures me!) wire, plaster and sheet moss and made herself one fancy tree upon which she displayed all her cool H-ween stuff! Way to go, Kathy. Great job!You know, you can also put Cristmas ornaments on those trees...or mini glittered dreidels or Easter eggs or hearts for Valentine's day. I am an "equal-opportunity" glitter-er! And the glitter color on the base can be any color you want to fit the holiday! Untreated over time, the copper wire will develop a nice patina..It will actually oxidize to a brownish color but you can polish it if you want to keep it shiney and even spray it with Krylon sealer to keep it shiney, or you can spray paint it any color you'd like with Rustoleum paint. And, yes, you can also glitter the branches...it takes a while, but it gives it an entirely different look.
I'm doing another workshop at Tinsel Trading Company in NYC December 15th, and we're doing a Holiday Fantasy Tree, perfect to display any type of holiday decorations, from glittered butterflies and bees, or little Santas, to glittered dreidels & stars. I think I'll be demonstrating how to make a bumblebee bed out of a leaf and German wire tinsel. (Bees have gotta sleep somewhere, ya know!) There is no limit, short of your imagination, as to what you can put on those trees. And Tinsel Traders puts out the coolest stuff to work with. Tassels, trims, tinsels...you name it, and you'll probably find it there. We'll be using antique white cast iron urns, which we will glitter in antique silver glass glitter to make it extra festive! Am counting the days....


Anonymous said...

That's great, Kathy! You're very creative! I like all the suggestions for variations on the theme, too. What a world of possibilities! CWH

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello from Toronto,

You do fabulous work! Do you have a shop where to check your products?

Thank you.

Warm regards,