OMG...I am soooooo overwhelmed!!!!!

I can't even begin to express how thrilled, appreciative and blown away by all your kind comments, emails, phone calls, and smoke signals of congratulations....I am still so sleep deprived that I haven't absorbed much of it...but I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my glittery little heart. I had an amazing time with Martha and her staff, doing what I love to do most...glitter stuff...and your positive energy puts the icing on my cake, (or tart, since we're talking Martha...).
I will be posting some new products on my etsy store as soon as I can and will respond to all your emails ASAP.
Again, my sincerest thanks and glittery hugs to you all,
The (very tired) Glitter Fairy, er...Lady


designsbynana said...

OMG!!!...I would just die of happiness and do never ending backflips(HA!ha!)if I ever got a phone call from Marthas' staff. My glitter Fairy "YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!!!"(if you know what I mean?)Keep it going...there is no turning back now. But first you MUST take a couple of days off to reconstitute your Glitter Powers and hit the ground running.LOL

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello from Toronto,

Congrats on the Martha show!
I love glitter and was wondering when are you going to have some available at your Etsy shop.

Thank you.


Storybook Woods said...

Dear glitter fairy,
being on Martha’s is HUGE and deserves lots of congratulations. Enjoy it all. Clarice

Sugar Bear said...

Great job on Friday! You have a wonderful energy and vibe and your projects are awesome. Can't wait to meet you in person!

Shabby Rose said...

Hi there

It's almost 2 in the morning here in Brisbane, Australia and I have just seen your segment on Martha - well done- it was fabulous. I look forward to making my copper tree for christmas.

All the best
Trish - Shabby Rose

FrostingsNSparkles said...

I just found your blog through Tinsel Trading, and I'm so disappointed that I missed you on Martha! Your work is just beautiful, I'm definitley adding you to my blog favorites!

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Yes, I missed you as well - how sad. But how great for you.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! I just wanted to let you know I am a glitter lover too! It is on everything haha! I am sooo glad to see another crafter that loves it as much as i do! please come by and check out my blog I would love to get to know you and maybe I can show ya some of the stuff I "glitterized"

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching you on Martha. Congradulations you did a awsome job. I love what you made and had to look you up right away to see what else you do.


Thimbleanna said...

Ok, I think you should change your name -- GlitterQueen, YOU ROCK! I finally got time to watch your show last night -- you were awesome. Absolutely fantastic. And the projects??? Over the moon! I loved them all, you very clever and talented woman you! Congratulations!!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi, I'm so sorry I'm so late with the congratulations. I bet you had a blast with Martha, making all your gorgeous Glittering Art work.

I will have to try to find your episode so I can watch it, I'm sure you were the hit of the show, dear Laurie.