We love reruns!

Holy hamburger, I'm on Martha again!!!!!

Imagine my surprise this morning as I was eating my breakfast while watching The Martha Stewart Show, when suddenly I saw myself in a promo for Thursday's show!!!!! I nearly choked on my toast! It's rare that I actually watch TV in the morning, but tuning in just as my face flashed across the screen was just too wild!!! So if you missed it last time on April 4th, here's your chance to chuckle as the glitter flies with Martha. We made glittered bunny centerpieces and cabbage baskets. Here's the link to the promo... Just click at the top on the Thursday June 7th show to watch the preview.

I am so blessed to be given this wonderful exposure. Martha has been so good to me. She's "A Good Thing" in my book!


Storybook Woods said...

Ohh I will check it out. I can not imagine seeing myself on TV but how fun. Clarice

restyled home said...

You are a celebrity!! Imagine Martha wanting to learn from you...you must be incredibly flattered! I can only dream of such an experience. You deserve it completely!!!