Take five minutes for a quick summer note!

I am personally trying to revive the art of note writing by making beautiful cards to inspire taking pen to paper. In these frantic times of no time, emailing and cell phones, it takes a real effort to sit down, collect one's thoughts and actually write to someone.
I use the finest papers I can find, hand stamp & glitter each one, then sign and date them on the back. I've made these particular cards for some of my retail stores whose clients appreciate something handmade. I never know what combination of paper stock, ink, stamp and glitter I'll use and many are one of a kind.

I hope they inspire you to take a moment, dig your feet into the sand and drop a note to a special friend. Better yet, make a card yourself to make it even more special...
A handmade tag can really jazz up a bottle of wine, bouquet of flowers or any gift.


Storybook Woods said...

These are beautiful. Do you know if you can add glitter to the wet ink, right after you have stamped ??? Thank you Clarice

Rosemary said...

I found your blog via another. I was wondering since you are sooo glittery, If you can tell me a good place to buy the german glass glitter???
Thanks so much,
Please visit my blog.