The birth of a blog...

Hello world!

Greetings from GlitterWorksStudio!

Spring has finally sprung ...and I am ready to have some fun getting to know all of you and sharing glittery project ideas.

The studio here is hopping with activity as we make our Spring & Easter products ( you can see some of my stuff on my online shop at www.glitterworksstudio.etsy.com ). Today the glitter is literally flying in every direction! I love my job!

FYI - I'm also getting ready to appear on The Martha Stewart Show next Wednesday. So much to do...so little time... (I can sleep next month!) I will be making a sweet Bunny Bouquet Centerpiece, a cabbage basket place setting marker and veggie napkin rings with Martha! Fun! And...you guessed it, they all have glitter on them. You'll be able to view my segments on Martha's website www.marthastewart.com once they post them. My last appearance on 2/1 was a dream come true. We did some Valentine's Day projects. Martha and her entire staff were amazing. Can't wait to go back!

Please take a moment to visit my website at www.glitterworksstudio.com to see my other seasonal designs. We are currently updating the site to include my online store info as well as my retail store info.

Take a minute right now to go outside and breathe in some Spring !

Stay tuned....

Ciao from The Glitter Fairy


Margaret said...

Dear Gitter Fairy--How wonderful that you can share your creations as they unfold to the rest of us in Glitter land. I will enjoy reading about your sprinklings of creativity on your new blog! Congratulations! I can't wait to see you on Martha Stewart next week. Can you share a little sneak peak of what you'll be teaching Martha and her audience?

el said...

Dear Glitter Fairy:

I absolutely loved you on the Martha Stewart show and I'm thrilled that you will be on it again. My friends and I thought that you were "the best" craft guest that she has ever had on the show. We think that you should be on Martha glittering for every holiday, season, major sporting event, etc. Love your personality, your fabulous creations, your web site and now I can look forward to reading your blogs. Can't wait until April 4!

el said...

Dear Glitter Fairy:

Do you make Easter napkin rings? If so will you be selling them on your web site?



Kimberly said...

Glitter Fairy,
What a fantastic craft on the Martha Stewart show 4/4/07! However, I missed the very beginning of the bunny craft. I was wondering where I could pick up some of the bunnies you used to glitter. I was also wondering what they were made of? I know that you indicated that you used a certain type of glitter, I was hoping that you could share that product with me as well!
Beautiful crafts!!!

The Glitter Fairy said...

Hi Kimberly,
So glad you liked the projects on the show. It was truly thrilling & fun to be on MS.
I got the small bunnies at a local gift shop, Blue Tulip, and I think they have stores all over the country, too. The bunnies are from Department 56 (I think their website is www.department56.com) and cost $12.50. I found some larger resin bunnies at HomeGoods but you can try any gift shop or discount outlet. As Martha said yesterday, they will go on sale after Easter! If you want to drill a hole for faux or fresh flowers, make sure the bunny is resin, plastic or papier-mache. I think you'd have difficulty drilling ceramic and probably the paint wouldn't stick, either! I just used regular acrylic craft paint.
I use a lot of different glitters, but the one I used on the show was Sea Shell #100, from www.artglitter.com. They have tons of colors, cuts and some are transparent and some are opaque. It is fun to experiment with the different qualities of glitter and glue.
Since I use soooooo much glue, I buy the gallon jugs of Elmer's white glue and water it down depending on how thick I want the glitter application. It dries to almost clear and that works for most of my projects. (Don't forget to sift the glitter on for larger applications. You can really control the amount of glitter, and that works well when you want just the tiniest sheen.)
The glues at www.artglitter.com are wonderful, however, and have some great properties. Designer Dries Clear really dries crystal clear and lets the color of the base art show thru. Designer Dries White completely blocks out the base art and lets the glitter color shine.
Hope this answers your questions. Don't hesitate to contact me with other questions. Please let me know how YOUR projects turn out!
Yours in glitter,
The Glitter Fairy

Paige said...

Dear Glitter Fairy- I loved both your appearances on MS. You're a gal after my own heart as I love anything that's glittered. You mentioned a Glitter 101 class that you'll be having soon. Any details you can share as I would love to attend?

The Glitter Fairy said...

Thanks for your comment. Take a look at my latest posting for some workshop info. Do you live in CT??? Hope you can make one of them. If not, I'll try to post project info as time permits.
Sooooo glad you love glitter!
The Glitter Fairy