You're really not gonna believe this....

Just for the heck of it, I watched the promo for tomorrow's Martha show, just to see if I was really going to be on. There I was, in all my glittered glory...YAY!!!...but then, I clicked on the Friday promo preview and there was Joan Rivers (hey, wasn't she on the other show I was on???)...and...guess what??? This is really wierd! Yup, little ol' me will be on Friday's show, too! ( Must be a really slow news week...)

I am just blown away...two days in a row on national TV...
The Glitter Gods are really, really, really smiling down on me.
Can't really absorb it. But what fun! Glitter Rules!
See ya tomorrow at 10am.
See ya Friday at 10am.

We love reruns!

Holy hamburger, I'm on Martha again!!!!!

Imagine my surprise this morning as I was eating my breakfast while watching The Martha Stewart Show, when suddenly I saw myself in a promo for Thursday's show!!!!! I nearly choked on my toast! It's rare that I actually watch TV in the morning, but tuning in just as my face flashed across the screen was just too wild!!! So if you missed it last time on April 4th, here's your chance to chuckle as the glitter flies with Martha. We made glittered bunny centerpieces and cabbage baskets. Here's the link to the promo... Just click at the top on the Thursday June 7th show to watch the preview.

I am so blessed to be given this wonderful exposure. Martha has been so good to me. She's "A Good Thing" in my book!

Glitter 101 Workshop

What fun we had last Saturday in Seymour! Seven terriffic ladies joined me for an afternoon of glitter, flowers, bumblebees and glittered cupcakes!

I shared everything I know about my favorite material, glitter, and together we made flower & bumblebee trinket boxes, glittered monogram letters and cards & tags. What a great bunch of glitter girlz...

These gals (below) even came all the way up from Texas. (They win the award for travelling the greatest distance!)

The afternoon flew by as we picked flowers for our trinket boxes.

We painted, glued and glittered!

These glitter chix and their mom ( below ) were soooooo cute!

A good time was had by all, especially ME, and I can't wait to do it again. More workshops are coming so stay tuned!
A special thank you goes to Bronwyn Evans, who graciously hosted this workshop in her gallery, Zoe & Floyd. She won't soon forget this day, and try as we might to clean up each and every flake of glitter, there will always be a trace of me...The Glitter Fairy leaves a trail!