Glitterfairy on Pet Talk's Halloween Special

Had a blast with Lauren Collier today at News Channel 12.  

Her show, Pet Talk, is so much fun to do. 
We throw the glitter around, talk about our pets 
and generally have a great time!
It's always amusing because the green room 
is like no other --- chock full of furry four-legged guests, 
awaiting their moment in front of the camera.

I put on my pumpkin shell (from Martha Stewart Halloween show), 
a rhinestone skeleton necklace and cheetah sweater.
I borrowed my fetching red sequined devil horns 
from the previous guest, a dapper white terrier 
(the type of dog that was on "Our Gang" a zillion years ago...)
He was soooo gracious to loan me his horns...
Sadly, he looked better in them than I did...(snort!)

We made "kitty ghosts" out of styrofoam eggs, 
floral oasis, dishtowels, cheesecloth, wire and ribbons, 
to hang on the chandelier, 
front door or anywhere you need a bit 
of spooky fun in your Halloween decor.

I also showed Lauren how to re-use & recycle 
a plastic wide-mouth jar 
and make it into a festive doggie treat container 
for safe Halloween treats.

You can see the show next Saturday morning,
 10/30 on NewsChannel 12.

I really do have too much fun...