More V-Day therapy...

If you're gonna be in NYC on February 9th, please stop by Tinsel Trading Company and take my next workshop from 12-3pm.  

We'll be making sweet glittered trinket boxes...and hand-punched & glittered gift tags, with tiny faux bumblebees.  
(see more pix in past posts) Suh-weeeeeeet!

Check out TT's site for class info and to sign up.  I personally guarantee you'll have a blast...and you'll learn everything you could possibly need to know about my favorite subject...glitter!
Glittery hugs comin' at 'ya!...
p.s. Check out my friend Terri's blog, Dimestoredaze, where she posts pix and info on all the wonderful TT workshops.  And her jewelry and altered art are fantastic!  (What a talent...)

V-Day Therapy...

Have been feeling the need to get covered in red glitter lately...Valentine's Day is just a couple of weeks away.  This big red heart ornament is especially useful in that it has interchangeable sayings that you can slip into the label holder. "bee mine" is my personal favorite because there's a sweet little glittered bumblebee hovering about, keeping watch.  "hold me", "kiss me", "you make life sweet" are some of the other sentiments I've stamped onto little bits of paper.  Of course, one could write one's own thoughts du jour...(Hummmm...that could be interesting... tee hee!)It all boils down to l-o-v-e, doesn't it?  Everybody wants it, everyone needs it...and it's free! (sort of...)  There definitely should be MORE of it floating around in this world, doncha think?

Throw around some red or pink glitter today and see what happens...
Love ya,
The Glitter Fairy