More sneaky peeks...

These tags are ready for their trip into NYC tomorrow, when I take them to their new home, Tinsel Trading Company, just in time for Valentine's Day.We'll be making these at my upcoming workshop.  I used one of my favorite Savvy Stamps for the great words, "bee mine".  I showed Martha how to make these on her show last February, but we'll be using silver glass glitter and red card stock, too. Oh, how I love bumblebees!

We're also making trinket/candy boxes.  I have glittered and papered these boxes inside and out and they are now ready for some fantastic TT trims. I love that part, the embellishing...Yes, I live for glitter, but rummaging thru TT's fantastic array of embellishments is more fun than...than...just about anything I can think of!  Don't know yet what I'll find, but I know it will be wonderful. I think a great big flower will look swell on top, and of course, I'll glitter it.  And I'll probably add a bumblebee on a wire on top, who will keep watch over the box's precious cargo.
If you'd like to do this yourself,  just sign up here for the workshop on Feb 9th.  I guarantee you'll have a glittery blast!