The Elegant Setting in Southampton

Was thrilled to have been asked to make up lots of glittery ornaments
for The Elegant Setting's 2010 Holiday windows.  

My dear friend, Kate, from Sharp Hill Designs
was kind enough to take some pictures 
so I could see what store owner, Stephanie 
and her window designer, Mark, have designed.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to see my glittergoods
floating throughout the windows, 
amidst tree branches and beautiful store merchandise 
in whites, silvers & golds ---a glittery wonderland!

Truly magnificent!

If you find yourself on the main street of Southampton,
during this holiday season,
you must stop in and say hi to Stephanie.
And tell her The glitterfairy sent you!


Sneeky peek!

Here's a quick peek at my Holiday 2010 Collection!
This display will be magically transported to 
Families to Families Holiday Boutique
Trackside Teen Center
15 Station Road
Wilton, CT

Thursday, December 2nd,  6pm to 9pm
Friday, December 3rd,  9am to 3pm 

There will be 12 vendors
including moi, 
selling magnificent gifts for the holidays, 
a large Chinese auction, a greens sale and a bake sale, 
all under one roof!
This event will raise money, food and awareness 
for Wilton Social Services, who assist local families in need.

Do try to stop by and support a great cause,
and, of course,
get some glitter on your face!!!


Glitterfairy in Studios Magazine - Winter 2010

Am thrilled to show you 
the latest Studios Magazine, 
a wonderful journal about, 
you guessed it,  
artist's studios. 

I am featured in an article 
on page 45, 
entitled "artists make merry!"
It's a very nice five-page spread, 
with lots of pictures 
of my workspace and glittergoods.

(Thanks to Peggy Garbus 
I have a decent new head-shot!)

This mag is stuffed full of 
great pictures and articles 
about a variety of artists, 
including a sweet friend of mine,
and fellow Artsy Girl, 
Susan Borgen of tpartyantiques
who transformed an 
old Hoosier cabinet into 
a stylish studio!
Also featured is another friend, 
Maggie Swanson
who is an amazing children's book 
and product illustrator 
and fellow Artsy Girl.
  You can see her spread 
on page 110.

Studios/Winter 2010 is published by
and is available in bookstores, 
craft stores or online 
I picked up my very own copy yesterday 
at Barnes & Nobles.

Take a look yourself!


Fall Fabulousness!

Made this beautiful wreath 
for Faye Kim Designs in Westport, CT. 
You must check out her absolutely amazing work!  
Faye is a gifted jeweler and her shop
overflows with burnished gold, diamonds, precious stones
and truly reflects her passion. 

This glittery wreath 
was originally for the front door 
of her spanking new location, 
but she loved it so much that she 
decided to keep it inside the shop!

It is bursting with golden artichokes, 
bronze pomegranates & large acorns 
and of course, I had to include 
a sweet bird's nest with bronzed acorns!
It is accented with a splash 
of Midori double-faced satin ribbon in Fig.  

A single gilded butterfly sits atop a pomegranate!

Wish I had time to make one 
for my own front door!


How cute is Lauren Collier?

Yes, she's cute, talented and absolutely amazing!

Lauren Collier is a women of many hats, or wings in this case...

While I was breaking down my set, 
she was doing a quick-change into street clothes 
for her next NewsChannel 12 Weather spot, 
which was happening in exactly 5 minutes!

She actually HAS real wings under those yellow ones!!!

It is such a treat to do her show.
I'll be back for her New Year's Special!



Glitterfairy on Pet Talk's Halloween Special

Had a blast with Lauren Collier today at News Channel 12.  

Her show, Pet Talk, is so much fun to do. 
We throw the glitter around, talk about our pets 
and generally have a great time!
It's always amusing because the green room 
is like no other --- chock full of furry four-legged guests, 
awaiting their moment in front of the camera.

I put on my pumpkin shell (from Martha Stewart Halloween show), 
a rhinestone skeleton necklace and cheetah sweater.
I borrowed my fetching red sequined devil horns 
from the previous guest, a dapper white terrier 
(the type of dog that was on "Our Gang" a zillion years ago...)
He was soooo gracious to loan me his horns...
Sadly, he looked better in them than I did...(snort!)

We made "kitty ghosts" out of styrofoam eggs, 
floral oasis, dishtowels, cheesecloth, wire and ribbons, 
to hang on the chandelier, 
front door or anywhere you need a bit 
of spooky fun in your Halloween decor.

I also showed Lauren how to re-use & recycle 
a plastic wide-mouth jar 
and make it into a festive doggie treat container 
for safe Halloween treats.

You can see the show next Saturday morning,
 10/30 on NewsChannel 12.

I really do have too much fun...


Golden Stars...

These little sparkling beauties will be adorning 
some gorgeous wine bags created for this holiday season 

A perfect hostess gift with a little extra glitz! 

We will also be making many more seastar ornaments 
in a rainbow of colors
for holiday trees, mantles and windows.



Summer harvest...

My dear friend, Jane, shared some 
of her spectacular hydrangeas with me.  
They now reside on my kitchen island
in all their glory!

They almost make doing dishes tolerable...

And we're down to the last, few, precious tomatoes...


Fresh from the garden...

It was TIME to freshen things up a bit 
in the picture department,
so I asked my dear friend, Peggy, 
to grab her camera 
and meet me in my favorite place, 
the garden.

The sun was shining on what's left of our tomato plants, 
the air was warm and clear - a perfect day 
for a natural light photo, Peggy's specialty.

Leave it to Peggy to capture the light just right, 
catch the tilt of the head 
and find that twinkle in my eye!

Thank you, dear friend.  
You have such a gift!


How delicious is this?

Freshly cut and wired...
Here's a peek at some of my new ribbon colors for this fall's collection.
I could just dive right in to this pillow of color...

Gotta LOVE Midori...



Got a glitter S.O.S....

My friend, Angela Jia Kim, 
founder and owner of OmAroma & Co. , 
an award-winning, anti-aging luxury spa & skincare line,
wanted a little sparkle for her shop last night.

It was Fashion Night in NYC, 
so she sent out an S.O.S to the glitterfairy!

I helped to flesh out Angela's and her store manager, Dennis', 
vision for the night...

- A glorious garden of eden!

Since Om Aroma's products are all natural, organic 
and bursting with fruit extracts,
they wanted to "glitz-it-up-a-notch" 
with some glittered fruits used in the line. 
I glittered raspberries, 
( the red raspberry serum is delicious, and has a natural spf. )
I also glittered pumpkins, apricots, grapes, 
oranges, pomegranates...
all components of Om Aroma's amazing products.

Angela's shop in the Limelight Marketplace is stunning
(6th Avenue & 20th Street, NYC) 
but I can't wait to see it with an extra bit of sparkle.
Great fun!  I'll post the pictures soon!




Red Raspberry Rocks!!!

Had the distinct pleasure a few evenings ago of attending the launch of a wonderful new product, 
Red Raspberry Day Serum, from Om Aroma & Co.

Om Aroma & Co. , founded by my friend, Angela Jia Kim, 
is an anti-aging luxury organic spa and skincare line 
that is free of parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, 
and other toxic chemical fillers.

Angela , a gifted, (and breathtakingly gorgeous) touring concert pianist,
founded this amazing line after having a most inopportune 
allergic reaction to a body cream 
just before stepping on stage to perform a concert, 
and instantly realized the need for skincare products 
without chemicals and preservatives.  
Since it's launch in 2007, Om Aroma has won numerous awards and accolades.  
I am its newest convert and I can honestly say I love all the products I've tried.

I also purchased an organic caviar eye cream, Extrait de Caviar, 
which feels absolutely yummy around my slightly mature...(ahem!) eyes, 
as well as Dream & Do, a delicious everything cream 
with an intoxicating lavender scent.

I can't wait to get back to Angela's shop for more!

Om Aroma is located at

Limelight Marketplace
656 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10010

Check out Om Aroma's website here.

Here's to great skin!




Blue Hydrangeas & Buoys

Wanted to share this image of Cape Cod with you. 
 I was wandering around the grounds at our favorite farm stand
and came upon this wonderful juxtaposition
of color and shape. 

Isn't this just a picture postcard?
You know, I think I will make this into a card.

And those veggies....(sigh...) 
Quite a few of these bodacious beauties 
made it into our Bruschetta that night.

Oh, how I love my Cape...


Hey, look what's growing in the pumpkin patch!

Here's a quick peek at my newest ornament for the Fall.

It's a sterling silver glittered pear bedecked
with gorgeous aqua Midori double-faced satin.
This beauty will really pop off your tree 
and will shine so beautifully amidst the twinkling lights. 
I'm using my newest, absolutely amazing glitter, 
which actually contains sterling silver 
yet won't tarnish over time.
I know you'll love it!

Much, much more to come...the glitter is flying around here!




Super Saturday 13

If you are in The Hamptons
this weekend and want to shop for a great cause, 
please stop by and see my friends
at Saurette 
in Water Mill, NY 
Saturday, July 31 
from 1-6pm.

Super Saturday 13, is an amazing day 
of family events and shopping 
to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, 
hosted by 
Donna Karan, InStyle Magazine & Kelly Ripa, 
and draws crowds and celebrities 
from all over to shop 'til they drop...

Saurette, a contemporary collection of fashionable clothing
for girls who seek unique expression, 
is headed by Lisa Kanouse, designer and founder.
Saurette will be offering their signature billowy dresses, 
vibrant patterned skirts 
and adorable tops and shorts.

And if you are lucky enough to get there in time, 
Lisa will be giving away some of my glittered seastar and sand dollar ornaments!  
(Perfect for your beach house or a hostess gift.)

It will be an amazing day for a wonderful cause...


p.s.  If you get over to Southampton, 
check out The Elegant Setting, a wonderful shop on Main Street 
who still has some of my glittery ornaments for sale!  
Tell Stephanie The GlitterFairy sent you!


A wonderful time was had by all...

We had such fun on Saturday at our Trunk Show 
at The Elegant Setting in Southampton.
The shop is gorgeous and is filled with the most wonderful things, 
from exquisite china & crystal & linens
to velvet pencils and monogrammed notepads.

I was thrilled to be at the front of the house 
to greet everyone with a glittery smile.

And speaking of smiles, the owner, Stephanie, 
couldn't have been more welcoming to us 
and introduced us to all her wonderful clients.

Stephanie is a master at finding the perfect gift 
for her discerning clients.

Kate's bags from Sharp Hill Designs absolutely lit up the shop.

Kate and I stopped for a quick photo op...

Glitter, glitter, everywhere!

It was a perfect shop, perfect customers, 
a perfect day...

Thanks, Stephanie!

p.s. I'm pleased to tell you that Stephanie will be featuring 
my silver glittered fruit ornaments and perching glitterdoves 
in her holiday windows this year.  
What an honor!  
It will be exquisite...


I savored the evening...

Last night, I attended a wonderful Savor the Success event in NYC, 
hosted by founders Angela Jia Kim (pictured above) 
and co-founder and husband, Mark.  
There were approximately 60 amazing women 
enjoying dinner and networking, 
while enjoying the view from 32 stories up

I made some new entrepreneurial friends 
and our speaker, 

shared tips on 
how to package our products 
when pitching to editors and the media.
I adore NYC and especially enjoyed the ride in with dear friends, 
and the ride home with the aforementioned 
and two new friends, Robin and Nancy.
Lively conversation added to an already terrific evening!

Savor the Success is a dynamic organization full of 
accomplished entrepreneurial women 
and provides priceless information and support.
I'm so glad to have STS in my toolbox!

It's back to the glitter mines for me today, however...
(I'm working on some gorgeous sea critters, 
frames and glittered beachy notecards 
for Saturday's Southampton 
glitter extravaganza...)