See my Sea-critters in their new home!

My new buddy, Kate Sargent
of Sassy Smox 
recently ordered some of 
my glittery sea critters 
and was kind enough to share this wonderful picture of how she used 
them on a wreath 
for her beach house. 
You can read her 4/21/10 blog post 
(FYI - Kate makes the most 
wonderful & sassy aprons.  
You MUST check out her 
blog and website!)

  The lobbies, crabs, 
seahorses and sand dollars 
were painted white, 
then covered in 
a sheer transparent glitter 
with a bit of a blue sheen.  
Don't they look great?  

Now I need to make a wreath 
full of glitter critters 
so I can feel like 
I'm at the beach, too!

All my glittery best,